Friday, December 05, 2008

Pretty bowl and ugly soap

Here's one of many more bowls I've knit and felted in the last couple of days.

This bowl was knit using Patons SWS yarn. Wow! Do I ever love the way it felted!

And sitting in my new pretty bowl is my new ugly chocolate raspberry soap. It sure smells great but I am not happy with the veins running through it. I have no idea why this happens. I have to figure that out.


Mary Sarah said...

I think they're both great! The bowl is too cute and the soap looks fine. It sounds wonderful too! Quit being so hard on yourself!

lera said...

The soap is NOT ugly. Is it spongey?

Felicia said...

Love your little bowls. I got addicted to making those a couple of years ago. And that soap is cute!

Born Blonde said...

I think the soap is cool looking. I keep wanting to smell the monitor. LOL