Sunday, January 18, 2009

My happy place

I haven't been blogging much lately because honestly, I've barely set foot in my sewing room. Over the holidays I was too sick to sew and it seems that lately there's always something else on the go that prevents me from sewing.

The past couple of weekends I've sent Joe out geocaching with friends and I've actually had a little time to sew and listen to some music (yes Lera, MUSIC! on my iPod!).

Today when I walked into the room I honestly felt a rush of happiness. I grabbed my camera and started snapping even though the light was terrible.

Here are a few of my buttons. Buttons make me happy. I have buttons in jars, buttons in little drawers. Buttons everywhere. Oh, how I love buttons.

My sewing machine. I love it. Joe bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago and I think it's honestly the best Christmas present I've ever had.

This is a little corner of my sewing table. It's covered in junk, but there's just enough space to cut out my beloved Simplicity 3835 pattern on it. That's all the room I need for now.

Here's my thread organizer. I need more thread. Really I do. I'm running low on basic colours and I think I need to get more soon.

And here's a crappy photo of my 4 (yes 4) most recent Simplicity 3835 tops. I've been sewing them to take with me to Vegas in March. I am also feeling good about using up my stash!

I cut out two more tops today but I've run out of steam. It's time to plunk myself in front of the computer/TV for the night and perhaps start a fire (in the fireplace). Joe will be home shortly and there's a roast in the oven. Today was a fun day!!


Feli said...

thanks for sharing your room with us. Sorry to hear about you not feeling well over the holidays. Hope you are better.

Your post reminds me that I have to clear up my studio room and start creating again. *sigh* I have a love hate relationship with my studio at the moment. LOL.

lera said...

What pretty scenes from your sewing area.

Music? On your iPod??? I don't believe it. You're right.

Although, I've been listening to mine when I run. And the songs are really starting to bother me. (iTunes and the songs are on a broken computer, so I'm stuck with my playlist....)

Mary Sarah said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me! Love the pictures. What you think of as a messy room looks perfect in pictures!

Brenda said...

I also love 3835. Thanks to Lera. I love the way it fits and you can do so much with it.

Bonnie D. said...

I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. See my blog for details!

Mary said...

Don't ever stop Blogging chicky! I love reading it!!

cici said...

i suddenly feel the need to comment on your dubble bubble mug.

i love it.

Felicia said...

Beautiful tops :) Love your studio shots.

Jen said...

you have one of those wooden thread spool holders. wehre did you get it? I want one!