Sunday, May 10, 2009


Okay, so did I mention my knee is a mess? I think not. Here's the scoop. Three weeks ago I started walking every morning for about half an hour. I was doing 2.5 km a day. Not a speedy walker, but I wasn't doddling. Then, last Sunday I woke up with a VERY sore knee. It did not seem to be getting better and on Thursday (when I couldn't even walk anymore), Joe took me to the hospital for an x-ray.

Nothing appeared on the x-ray and the doctor said it was "muscular" (whatever that means). I'm taking ibuprofen and tylenol (together said the doctor) and it's not getting worse, but it doesn't really seem to be improving (much). The thing is, now it doesn't really seem to be my knee anymore that's making me limp. It feels like my calf muscle is VERY tight and sore.

This must get better soon.

Anyways, I sorted through yesterday's fabric jackpot and I've kept about half the fabric and have bagged the rest up for my Mother.

Then, this morning, I decided I HAD to make an apron and dug up my copy of Bend-the rules and away I went.

Now. Did I dig into my bag of fabric from yesterday? Nope. I headed straight to the bags that I'd set aside for my Mother and came up with this:

It's cute. I like it. I am going to use it. However, like everything else I sew for the first time, there are mistakes. I've never done gathers before and I sewed the waistband backwards and was too lazy to fix it. The waist isn't pretty, but I think the apron is.

Maybe I'll go dig through my Mother's bags (he he he) and see what other fabric I can turn into aprons.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day Mom!


Bunny Chick said...

What a cute apron! :) Have you tried stretching you calf at all? It seems to me like after being worked out so nicely for so long, it's protesting (well, that and the limping is probably using the muscles differently!) I hope you feel better.

lera said...

Great apron, Karyn.

Can you put a heating pad on your calf muscle? It might loosen it up some. Hope you feel better soon. Are you going to work today?

Mary and Bob said...

Sorry to hear about your knee/muscle!!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!!! (HUGS)

Wonderful apron Karyn!!!!!!

Mary Sarah said...

The apron looks too cute. Sorry about your knee/leg. I dont' know what to tell you, but you should probably see a doctor again (not emergency room). Feel better soon!

cici said...

cute apron.

my turn to give knee advice: muscular might mean your upper leg muscle is too tight and pulling - or something of the sort - your knee. i used to have problems with this. you limping will make other muscles hurt.

to fix the knee issue. i would sit and tighten the upper muscle (with leg extended) then relax. easy enough and it works.

Felicia said...

The apron is adorable. Hope your knee is better!