Monday, May 18, 2009

I ♥ thrifting

The past few days have quite successful in the thrifting department. I've been to Value Village more than once and my neighbour and I went to some great garage sales on Saturday morning.

I don't have photos of everything yet, but here are some of my deals.

Some of my garage sale scores include an older kitchen timer (25 cents), some pillowcases (25 cents) and some great divided plates (part of a bundle of stuff that I got so maybe 25 cents for the lot).

Now, when Joe saw the plates he said "What on earth are THOSE for??", he's not as convinced that they are cool as I am.

I have great plans to paint my kitchen this summer. I want to paint the cupboards white and use red as an accent colour. The whole kitchen needs to be gutted and re-done but I've decided to play up the fact that it's a 50's or 60's kitchen until we can afford to re-do it. I thought these cannisters from Value Village were perfect ($1.99 for the set).

I got so me great books (for me and for school) at the sales too. Some brand new bubble bath, a jug and a bunch of stuff for my backyard which I'll photograph soon. I've spent less than $20.00 and I certainly had a trunk full of goodies!


Felicia said...

Adore those canisters! And don't listen to him, those plates are uber cool :)

lera said...

Karyn! I'm jealous! I might need to go to Canada to thrift from now on. Stop tempting me!

cici said...

you have the best of thrifting luck! i think those plates are for fondue, no? i have a similar set i received as a wedding gift. and yes, we use them, often enough. it's fun and the little dividers keep the sauces separate from the raw meat from the cooked meat from each other...

LOVE! that. timer.

Mary and Bob said...

OMG KARYN!!!!!!!!! That is Freak'n awesome!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO GIRLIE! I love your finds!!!

I was actually going to message you about doing a Garage Sale -- I remember a few years back we were thinking of doing one but it never happened, are you up for one this year at your house?? :o)

I'm so jealous you are finding all that cool stuff.

With our house, the walls are basically a blank piece of paper and we have to decide from scratch what to do -- remember Bob's house was so full of character and colour -- we want the same thing in this house.


Seriously, let me know if there is anything you are looking for in patricular so we can keep our eyes open for you and let you know (or pick up stuff for you as well). :o)

Miss you chicky! (HUGS)

Mary Sarah said...

Man, you have great luck thrifting. Love the new plates and the canisters. I have a family room//kitchen room, painted 2 walls red, 2 walls camel and the cabinets white. That was 5 years ago and I still love it. You will too! Hope you're doing great!

Regina said...

Great finds! Love the little kitchen timer!

Pam said...

When we go for fondue, they give us those types of plates. Love them!