Monday, November 20, 2006

Don't do anything when you have a migraine

I left work this morning with a migraine, my head is booming.

I typed up a short post, published it...but it messed up my Site Meter (I have no idea what I did), so I deleted the post, uninstalled and re-installed Site Meter. That all started about 2 hours ago. Now I'll re-type my original post that started this whole mess. I'm also bummed out now because my Site Meter stats thoroughly entertained me. I loved looking at them, now I have to start from scratch!!!

I have nothing crafty to report. A couple of weeks ago we had furnace issues. The issues were fixed, but we were told that we needed a new furnace, pronto. Joe and I spent yesterday clearing a path from the furnace to the back door. I feel so much better now that the basement is somewhat organized (we still have miles to go before it can be considered done). One thing led to another and I'm in the midst of re-organizing the whole house. I've bought storage bins and I'm cleaning out corners that haven't been touched since I moved in here over 3 years ago.

I'm waiting for the sun to shine so I can take some pictures for my soon to be opened (I hope) Etsy shop.

I've been playing with digital scrapbooking elements, and I've made a new banner. Here it is:

Now I will try to sleep, agian, now that the blog issues are resolved (I hope!!!)


beki said...

Cool banner! I hope that nasty headache goes away soon.

Mae said...

Tomorrow is another day! Your banner looks so rich and colourful. One of these days I'll have to take the time to learn how to do that ...

kimberly said...

That is definitely a cool banner!! What scrap book program do you use? Oh those blog problems-I've had my fair share. Hope your head is better. :)

Joanne said...

Nice banner! Interesting blog to read too - have bookmarked it for future coffee-break reading!
I love some of your crafts, would hopefully lke to feature them in my blog sometime.
Regards, Joanne x

lera said...

love the banner!!

i was having sitemeter problems yesterday, too!!! i had to re-install it, too. i lost everything from it. maybe it was THEM and not us?!?

oh, and i mailed the soap yesterday.

lindiepindie said... seem to get migraines as often as I do. Are they hormonal?

I like your banner. Wordpress has it's own blog stats. They are entertaining as well. :o)

Debbie said...

Hope you are feeling better. Migraines are the worst.

Love your new banner.

Enjoy that organized basement!