Sunday, November 12, 2006

Please help these poor little snowmen!

After drooling over the cute little snowmen pencils in the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft magazine, I decided to make a batch to give to the students at school who are reading. I thought maybe it would take an hour do whip up a set of these. WRONG. I quickly learned that it needed to be done in stages so that the glue could dry before starting the next step. Oh, and Martha's version is a double-decker snowman. I quickly decided that mine would just be snowman heads. I couldn't figure out how to get the two balls to stick together without some sort of support which I couldn't use because of the head of the pencil was stuck right into the bottom ball.
I'm kind of happy with them so far, but they need hats! If you think for one second I'm gonna knit little snowman caps for each one...WRONG! I don't know what to do. I'm thinking I've spent enough time on these already, but if I can think of (or if YOU can think of) an easy way to add a hat, I'd be much happier!!
Any ideas??


Debbie said...

Thanks to your suggestion I bought the Martha magazine yesterday. I've only gone through it quickly but what beautiful photos. I'm waiting for the holiday spirit to hit me -- might take another few looks through the magazine.

My suggestion for your snowman hats would be to use a sock. You can buy (pretty inexpensive) little kid holiday socks, cut out a triangle and sew up a side. You can chain sew them (like quilting) and you'll be done in a snap. No need to finish the one edge since they won't unravel although you could glue on trim, rick-rack etc.

Since you will be using a teeny-tiny seam on the hat, I usually sew on a piece of water soluble stablizer first.

Good luck! Your snowman are adorable!

jojo* said...

Those are so cute! How about buying gloves at the dollar store and cutting off the fingers for the hats?

beki said...

Cute! I like Jojo's idea of using glove fingers. Another idea is to sew up a long tube out of fleece, cut into sections, then tie each one at the top to make a hat. Did that make sense?