Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bingo Bags...Take I

I scanned and printed the bingo cards that Lera so kindly sent me. I had used the printable fabric before so who needs to read the instructions again? Right? WRONG. I didn't iron the fabric to set the ink. It is after ironing that you are supposed to remove the paper backing, I guess it's supposed to peel off at that point. I skipped the ironing and went straight to the rinsing. Rinsing the fabric WITH the paper backing turned the adhesive into a very cement-like substance that I could NOT remove for the life of me. So....I proceeeded to trim the bingo boards and sew them on to the fabric. I carefully selected the buttons that I was going to sew on and when I tried to sew them there was NO WAY that I could get the needle through the cement-like backing of the cards. DRAT!!! So...I did what any good crafter would do, I glued them on. he he he

Why was I in such a rush??? I'm going to Bingo tonight with my neighbour and I HAD to have the change purse to show off. The buttons are much more secure than I thought they would be, maybe it wasn't QUITE the disaster I had thought, although next time I will remove the paper backing properly and sew the buttons on.

I will re-print the boards and try again, follwing manufacturer's instructions next time.

Thanks again Lera!!!!!!!!!


lera said...

ha ha ha! i can see myself doing something like that!

they're cute, though. the buttons don't look glued on.

good luck! win lots of bingo money!!

feli said...

They are fantastic! i love it. :*) one question, how did you get your zipper to sit so straight? I tried sewing a zippered pouch that day and the zippers are always lopsided. :*(

Debbie said...

Cute! Love the vintage cards. they really make the bags!

Randi said...

Very cute! I hope these bring in the winnings for you! ;)

Bonnie D. said...

Don't ya just hate when that stuff happens! And of course, it doesn't happen when you're just doing one of something. LOL!

The bags did turn out adorable and no one will ever know (except that you'll feel compelled to tell them if you're anything like me, lol) that the bingo "cards" were supposed to be sewn on, not glued on.

I picked up some of those printable fabric sheets at JoAnn's using a 50% off coupon but haven't tried them yet. I want to make labels for purses and things, similar to what you did!

beki said...

Those turned out so well!

kimberly said...

Those are sooo cool! I love what you did.