Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Birthdays

Friday was Joe's birthday, yesterday was mine. On Friday I arranged for about 20 of his favourite people in the world to meet us at a restaurant for dinner. It was a complete surprise for him. Actually the biggest surprise of the whole night was that I didn't blab about it ahead of time. We had a GREAT night. We spent 4 hours laughing and chatting in the restaurant. I bet the waitresses were sooo glad to see us leave, but it was sooo much fun!!!

Yesterday was my birthday. I woke up in the morning to some really neat goodies (new scissors, a yarn holder, some yummy cookies and some new shears). After I opened my goodies there was a card (he told me to open it last) and 4 other notes taped to some really pretty silk flowers. I think you can read the notes from the picture, but it essentially outlined the day. Oh, and he had printer issues, that's why the colours are so odd.

Essentially the day went like this:
1. Breakfast at the Canadian casino buffet.
2. Gambling at the American casino (way better than the Canadian).
3. Shopping.
4. Dinner out. We didn't actually make it to dinner because at dinnertime we were STILL full from breakfast. We'll do that later this week.

It was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now here's the crafty part of it. I woke up at 6:00 am which is when Joe gave me the stuff, but he had hardly slept so he went back to sleep until 8:45. While he was sleeping I made these:

A new wristlet and change purse. The change purse is a little different than the zillions I've been making, it has a zipper on the outside as well. I love it!!! The wristlet, well, that's another story. I think my pattern has shrunk a little every time I've made one and it was really too small. But still cute.

Unfortunately the fact that it was my birthday and the fact that I was toting a cute little wristlet didn't make me lucky. But I didn't spend much money at the casino and we had a TON of fun!!!!!!!

Thanks Joe xoxoxo


lera said...

Well, Happy Birthday (again!)!!!!

Very cute little bags. Glad you enjoyed your day. (or most of it, hee hee)

Feli said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I must send you something. Watch out.... :*)

Brandy said...

Happy birthday!

Funky Finds said...

oh i hate that i missed your birthday! sounds like a happy day though. how have you been?

Tracy said...

Your husband is so thoughtful! What a wonderful day he planned for you. Hope you had a fabulous birthday.

beki said...

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like y'all had a good time.

Debbie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!
Sounds like both you and Joe had very special celebrations!

lindiepindie said...

What a sweet man to plan a fun day for you! Happy birthday!

Randi said...

Happy birthday to both of you!!

Valerie Leonard said...

Karyn, Just wanted to let you know that I received both of my orders this week - the wristlet order yesterday and the change purses today. Thank you so much - they are just perfect! My daughters all want to go to Canada now so they can spend their change! Thanks again!