Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We Have Winners!!!

Thanks so much to Katie who co-hosted the "Use What You Have" challenge with me!!

Katie made up a spreadsheet of all the entries and used a random number generator to select two winners.

Before I reveal the winners, just let me say that I am so impressed with all the stash busting that happened in July. We had 250 projects submitted!!!! I can still hardly believe it.

Ok, without further delay, the winners are Chara Michele and cmhall410. Your prizes will be in the mail shortly.

Even though the challenge is officially over, I will be stash busting for a while longer I'm afraid. Please feel free to continue posting photos to the Flickr Group as long as you like.

For those of you who have followed my tooth saga, it continues. My tooth is now past the point where I can ignore it. My stupid dentist is on holidays for two weeks so I broke down today and phoned the dentist who is taking his emergency cases. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to go and see him. My mouth HURTS and I only find relief while I sleep. I've been sleeping quite a bit the past two days.

In between naps today I did manage to make a little fabric magnet set. I'm quite pleased with the results, but I'm sure there will be several design improvements before I'm completely happy with them.


Mary Sarah said...

Your magnets are adorable! Congratulations to your winners. I think the stash busting contest was a great idea. I hope you feel better as soon as your tooth is fixed. Hang in there and Good Luck!

Chara said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe I actually won!! I loved the email you sent me to let me know:)

I think I am definitely going to post to the group for a bit longer. I need to use up a bit more fabric before I can really justify buying more!

Those magnets are adorable!

Christy said...

Yippee! I'll email you my address shortly.

Stash busting seems to have given me a little self control. I was at Walmart today and didn't even go into the fabric section! Can you believe it.

Don't forget to take a happy pill before going to the dentist. :)

Little Mysteries said...

I hope your tooth settles down and stops hurting asap. I hate tooth pain, its unbearable.
The fabric magnet kits looks great!

lera said...

The magnets are very cool. I love the tins and how you decorated them with buttons. Great job.

Cici said...

cute magnets. i hope your tooth is feeling better - get it fixed already!

Felicia said...

I'm so sorry you're still in pain from that tooth. It may be time for some drastic action.

Congratulations to the winners! That Use What You Have Challenge was fabulous. If not for that challenge Ms. Skivvy the Bra Wonder would never have been born. :)

Your magnets are very adorable!

Tracy said...

Oh, hope you'll be feeling better, sorry you're still in pain. And that you have to go to the dentist again *sigh* Congrats to the winners--hooray! And love your fabric magnets--super, fun idea! ((HUGS))

Tracy said...

Karyn, your magnets look great. Are you going to share your secret with us??

Jenni-Raie said...

OH THOSE ARE SO CUTE!!!! Where'd you find that neat apple fabric?

..teacup.. said...

Ah! The tin looks awesome! Knew it would look good. Most everything crafty you endeavor looks awesome.

Hope dentist went well. Lemme know how you're all doing.

Going on Saturday?

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oooh, so sorry to hear about the tooth, ouch! Toothaches are horrible.

Your magnets looks really cute--and is that a little tin decorated with buttons that goes with it? drool.

I was just admiring your aqua check tote with the adorable cherries applique--I LOVE it!

Smiles, Karen

Yazmin - A Pretty Rock said...

Congrats guys!

I think I will continue posting int he flickr group, because I finished a lot of projects in July...just didn't have time to post them all.