Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Note Cards

Remember this quilt? I've been trying to get up the nerve to cut it. Last night I finally did. When I bought it I had hoped to repair it, but after consulting with several real life quilters it really needed far more work than I was prepared to put into it. Please don't be mad at me for cutting it!!! I've got several projects in mind for it, but just for fun last night I made a couple of note cards. I LOVE them!!!!

I've just got back from the dentist. Did you know that root canal takes THREE appointments?????? I have to go back early September for the final appointment. At least the tooth doesn't hurt anymore!

I'm in full panic mode. I'm not sure how much crafty time I'm going to have in the next few days. I'm getting ready to go away for a week and getting stuff ready to get back to work. It's already starting to feel like fall around here. It's been pleasantly cool the last few days.


lera said...

The cards are VERY VERY VERY cute. I would be afraid to use them. I think I'd frame it instead.

We are having cooler weather, too! Yipee! Although it's rainy it's cooler. And it makes me look forward to the fall.

Katie Jean said...

I love the cards.

I can't believe it's three different appts for a root canal. You're making me scared!

Anonymous said...

I love your cards.

I love your blog.

Don't delete it!!!!!!!

(guess who)

Carla said...

That quilt is so awesome! You're going to make so many amazing things from it. The cards are a great start. They are too cute!

Tracy said...

Very charming cards! Cutting can be good ;o) Great idea to make the pieces into cards. My DH had root canal surgery throughout this summer--yup, three appointments...and poory baby he had his last one on Friday only to find he has to go back as they found a cavitiy that needs filling--needless to say he's as sick of the dentist as you are. Hopefully third time's a charm! ((hugs)

aless.erre said...

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beki said...

Oh my gosh, you have to go back to the dentist again? I'm so sorry!

Your notecards are adorable, really. I'm with Lera, I'd probably frame them.

Anonymous said...

How the heck are you. I think you should come to Toronto and sell your wares!!!!

We are having a Polish festival and you could make big polish bucks.

Guess Who??????

Felicia said...

The cards look great! Three appointments? I thought it was just two! Eek.

atet said...

The cards are adorable -- and hey, it's better to be used than just sit around. Maybe you could take a full section of one of the housese and create a nice little wall hanging as well!

Sorry about the dentist -- if it makes you feel any better I have two more appointments scheduled myself!

Chara Michele said...

I love those notecards! So very cute and I think worth cutting up that quilt for. (Besides what good would the quilt be if you couldn't fix it up, and who wants it just sitting around waiting for that right! :)

Poor you though, who knew it took 3 dentist appointments for a root canal!