Tuesday, February 02, 2010

needles, hummus and apps

You know you're a blogger when you hand your camera to your acupuncturist and ask them to snap some photos so that you can blog about it.

Yup. I did that. And my acupuncturist loved it!! And yes those are needles sticking out of my head.

I had to make an emergency appointment today due to my recent "slight" *ahem* setback of my anti-candida diet.

And here's a photo I snapped while she was putting needles in my feet. *Lera, note the hand knit sock on my left foot!!!*

I love going to Lovely Lily (I added the "lovely" part to her name). She's hosting a workshop tomorrow night on nutrition and healing and I'm so excited to attend.

One of the things I've been munching on like crazy is hummus. Not the good homemade kind, but store-bought hummus. One of the main ingredients is canola oil which is a big no-no for me. I love hummus. So I came home and made a batch of candida friendly hummus. I basically used this recipe, but I've made it so frequently that I kind of just wing it.

I really really think the key to yummy homemade hummus is to cook your own chick peas. Don't use canned. I cook a whole package of chick peas at a time and freeze them in packages. Each package makes a batch of hummus. Easy peasy to thaw the peas and make hummus.

And lastly, Joe bought a new iPod touch recently and he's been playing with apps and music and movies. This prompted me to dust mine off and do a little shopping in the app store. I found an app this morning called Whole Foods Market Recipes. I haven't played with it much, but it looks great!

Do you have any iPod app suggestions??? I get overwhelmed when I'm browsing the iTunes store!


lera said...

Look at the lovely handknit sock. Did you buy it or make it? (That's a good laugh for Dianne.)

Have I ever told you that my real-life, oldest friend's mother is an accupuncturist? I've never been to her though.

I think I might need to go make some hummus. Mmmmmm.

Mary and Bob said...

yAAAAAAAAAAY! You are back with your blogging. :o) (HUGS)

Whoahh, you are brave with the accupuncture..... I really dislike anything that is needle related. lol (BLUSH) What does that do for you exactly?

So, tell me about the "roasting veggies" in your other blog entry? How do you do that? Inside or on the BBQ, that looked super yummy. :o)