Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back to reality!

I can't believe how fast last week went. Joe and I had so much fun at the cottage. We spent most of our mornings lounging around , drinking coffee, knitting (me, not Joe) and planning that day's adventures.
We did a TON of geocaches. My guess would be 30 or so. We were guided to some amazing places, the most of amazing of which was an artist's house near Burk's Falls. I have yet to do some internet research to learn more about the artist (I don't even know their name yet). The house is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by huge fields. The fields are full of the most amazing sculptures.
Here are a few of the pictures I took:

One of the things I wanted to do while at the cottage was read through my camera manual and practice taking some pictures. When I dragged out the manual one morning to start going through it, I discovered that I had brought the Spanish version so my plans to learn more about my camera were quickly squashed. I did play around with it a little bit and here are the results:

I managed to finish another pair of mitts. I had forgotten how much fun they are to knit. I'm thinking that I may knit a few more pairs for Christmas gifts.

I could easily live up north. I'm not a city girl. Although, the one thing I did miss was my laptop and high speed internet! I have so much catching up to do and a ton of blogs to read!


lindiepindie said...

Welcome back! I finally went and looked up what geocaching was. Interesting stuff! I'm glad you guys had some fun!

You are going to have so much fun with your camera - it takes great close-ups. I'm jealous!

RANDI said...

Welcome home! Too bad about the camera manual. You shot some very nice pictures in spite of the mix-up!

jojo* said...

Geocaching sounds like great fun. I have friends who do it, and we'll probably do it too when our boys are a little older.

Bummer about bringing the wrong manual. I thought you were going to say you used the opportunity to learn some Spanish...ha!

Debbie said...

Wow! Those sculptures are amazing and it looks like it was a beautiful day.
Even with the Spanish manual, you've taken some nice photos.
Love the mittens; great gifts for the upcoming season.
Happy Back To Work!!

Rebecca-bakesale said...

Those sculptures are so much fun! Thanks for posting photos.