Saturday, September 30, 2006

My new raggy quilt

I'm prone to migraines and 99% of the time as soon as I feel it coming on, I pop one of my prescription migraine pills and that's the end of it. Very very rarely does a migraine kick me in the butt like it did this week. Today is day 4 of a whopper. I've been taking the pills and necessary and it's allowed me to function almost normally, but it's "still there". It's times like this that I remember having migraines for years, before I knew they were migraines and I would suffer through them. Thank goodness those days are long gone!

My headache didn't prevent me from finishing the rag quilt that I was working on. I started it on Sunday and worked on it a little bit every evening. Last night Joe and I took it over to the laundrymat to wash it. I brought it home, stuck it in the dryer and when it was done, I curled up under it and watched a movie. It worked great!

Joe is such a riot (rolling eyes). He says it's nice, but it's not finished yet (due to the raggy edges). What do boys know?

I love it. I used quilt batting between the layers of fabric so it will be nice and toasty warm. It's plenty big enough to curl up under when watching TV or surfing the Internet.

Today we are headed out to do some running around. Two stops include a computer store where I'm going to get some much needed memory for my laptop and a great fabric store that I don't often get to visit (it's about an hour away). Tonight we are going to dinner and then on a haunted ghost walk with a couple we met through geocaching. Should be fun.

Have a great weekend!!


RANDI said...

Your quilt looks so comfy--perfect for a fall evening!

lera said...

cute quilt.

hope your headache goes away soon.

linda said...

YUCK to the migraine! I get them as well. Why is it that I couldn't imagine that I had migraines unless I had been specifically diagnosed? Wasn't it bad enough to be laying in bed wishing it would just end? It took a 7-day long migraine for me to finally go the the ER. Looking back, I feel so stupid. I hope your drugs have kicked in by now. Not to make this SUPER long, but quite a few of mine were triggered by muscle tension in my neck and the chiropractor and his muscle release massage has helped incredibly.

linda said...

Oh yes, the quilt turned out really pretty. :o)

beki said...

Your quilt is great!

Debbie said...

Your quilt came out perfect. Love your colors. It just looks so cuddly, warm and inviting!

Think of how it will continue to get more snuggley (is that a word?) every time you wash it!

jojo* said...

I love that quilt. It looks so cozy and sweet. Is it made of flannel?

sorry about the migraine!

jojo* said...

oh, hello. i just read your previous post and answered my own question! doh.

lorenzstudio said...

What a pretty quilt. It looks so cozy and inviting.