Monday, September 04, 2006

Christmas in September

Before we went to the cottage, I had ordered a charm pack of fabric squares to try to make quilted Christmas cards. It arrived while we were away and it was staring me in the face all day today just begging to be used. What's a girl to do?? Make Christmas cards, that's what, on one of my stressiest days of the year! I'm a nut. Anyways, here's my first batch of Christmas cards.

Looking at the picture it looks like the lighter green buttons don't match the fabric on the cards. I went back to look at the cards, and indeed they do.

Ok, that's IT! I still have a ton of stressing to do before I go to work tomorrow and I suppose Joe will want dinner at some point tonight.

Off to pack all my neat new things for work.


Debbie H said...

Pretty, pretty cards!

Love that blue fabric.

Have a good day tomorrow. Enjoy your pencil bag!

littlemissmeshell said...

Oh they are BEAUTIFUL! I'm so inspired, oh I love christmas and now you've got me all excited, hehe =)

I have that fabric with the circles and decorations on it, isn't it cute! i'll have to be stocking up on some more Xmassy designs, I love that stripey green and red one you've included, awesome. =)

lera said...

very pretty cards.

good for you for starting them NOW! i wish i could do that.

lindiepindie said...

They are looking pretty! Good for you getting a head start on Christmas!

quenna said...

Beautiful favorite is the blue and white one. A great way to prep for Christmas :)