Thursday, September 07, 2006

Manly Craftiness

I can't resist. Joe is being crafty. Now his craftiness is geocaching related, of course. He's working on putting a cache together. We are going to the big geocaching event of the year next weekend. We are camping (thank goodness for air beds) and caching all day on Saturday with at least 200 other cachers.
Here he is using my modge podge and circle punch:

It's actually quite a clever cache he's putting together (my idea, of course). He's hiding a container with over 100 poker chips in it. 99 poker chips are the same, listing incorrect co-ordinates to the final cache. One of the poker chips has the correct co-ordinates for the cache. So, the seeker will have to sort through the chips and find the one with the proper co-ordinates before they can find the final stage. I'm such a smarty-pants.
He's whining that I'm not helping, but I'm involved in a little craftiness of my own. I'm making a thank-you gift for the woman who's lending us a huge tent for next weekend, a thank-you card, a sleeve for a banner (Joe requested) and a pouch for me. All the fabric is cut out, interfacing is ironed on and I think I'm too tired to actually start sewing now.
I think I'll go and supervise the poker chip production line.

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lindiepindie said...

Well, the cutting and interfacing is the hardest part, to me. Just the fun sewing is left. You'll probably get it done in no time.

Have fun this weekend. Nice poker chip idea.