Monday, September 17, 2007


This weekend Joe and I went to GHAGAFAP (Golden Horseshoe Area Geocachers And Friend Annual Picnic). Joe camped out on Thursday night and Friday night to do some last minute preparations and cache placements. I didn't arrive until VERY early on Saturday morning.

The day went well. Fun was had by all despite the chilly temperatures.

I sold several of the geocaching kits/pouches that I had made up and plan to add some to my Etsy Shop in the near future.

I was pretty much glued to the OGA (Ontario Geocaching Association) table selling memberships and t-shirts, so I really didn't take too many photos. I did manage to persuade Joe to enter the three-legged race with my girlfriend's daughter. They even won the race (I think!).

After the picnic was over, approximately 100 of us ended back at the group camp site for dinner, movies under the stars and an amazing campfire where we were serenaded by some extremely talented musicians.

Now, it was cold. Believe me. Before we went to bed we could see our breath. We slept on an air mattress covered by a heavy-duty sleeping bag. I brought our down duvet and covered it with a quilt and ANOTHER down blanket. As we were falling asleep Joe was lecturing me on how to stay warm. Don't "break the seal" and let any air under the covers. Keep the blankets over your head (I hate that, it's way too stuffy). Before long though, my head was covered in blankets to stay warm. Around 3:00 am I had to use the ladie's room. Trust me, I weighed the pros and cons of the hike to the bathrooms before leaving the warmth of the bed.

When we woke up at 7:00 am (me with a TERRIBLE migraine), it was TWO degrees celcius, that's THIRTY SIX degrees fahrenheit!!!!!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

I managed to hitch-hike with some friends who live a couple of blocks away from us since Joe still had hours of work to do before he could leave. I came home, turned on the furnace, had a bubble bath and went to bed!


Felicia said...

LOL Poor Karyn! So did you go to the ladies at 3a.m. or did you hold off til 7a.m.? If it were me I would have moved faster than ever there and back again :)

I love the way you have your geocache bags packaged and displayed. Congrats on selling some.

Chara Michele said...

Congrats on selling some of the kits & pouches! It sounded like a fun time, right up till the cold part! :)

lera said...

Okay. So maybe soccer wasn't THAT cold (although darn close).

And, twin, I hate stuffy air. I think I would have been too claustrophobic breathing my warm air.

Tracy said...

bbbrrr...I'm grabbing a sweater just reading this--LOL! Glad you had a great weekend...and making a few sales--super! Happy Day ((HUGS))

randi---i have to say said...

I can't believe that you sleep outside in that weather! I am a big baby and I insist on a warm bed all year-round!

I am sure that your bubble bath was heavenly after that night!

atet said...

Those kits and pouches look like fun -- but I'm with you on the cold thing. Then again, my idea of camping involves a hotel with a heated pool! Glad you got warmed up -- maybe now you can play with all of your nice new fabrics!