Monday, September 03, 2007

Labour Day

I'm back.

What a super week we had at the cottage.

It was a very busy place, we had tons of friends up, we at a lot of food (way too much) and had tons and tons of laughs.

I was so busy having fun that I barely even took my camera out of the case.

One of the days in between visitors I woke up early and started playing with paper. I was sitting in the kitchen making note cards. I spent about an hour cutting, folding and stamping.

I stopped to grab a ANOTHER cup of coffee (with hazlenut cream, of course) and I looked out the window and wished I could start every day just like that. Sipping coffee, being crafty and looking out at the breath-taking view.

I spent quite a bit of time playing with paper at the cottage, until my cutting blade went dull that is.

I love these new cards. I sewed them today in between loads of laundry.

Joe and I would love nothing better than to move to Northern Ontario, far far far away from any big city. I know I've said it before and I'll say it again, the only thing that I miss when I'm at the cottage is high-speed Internet!!!!!!!!!!

I have so many blogs to read, I've been taking my time and enjoying each entry since I've been home. I'm still in "cottage mode", not wanting to rush anything.

All that is going to change though. FAST!!! Tomorrow it's "back to school" for me. Labour Day is always such a sad sad sad day, the last official day of summer. Today I've done a MILLION loads of laundry and done a bunch of house cleaning. The first few weeks back to work are exhausting. It takes me so long to get back to a routine.


Sarah and Jack said...

The cards are beautiful. I particularly like the 4th one. (Blue background.)

debbie said...

Happy Back to School! I know just how you are feeling tonight . . .

Weren't we just talking about summer starting? And now it's fall? Well, for you anyhow! Here too, schedule-wise, but sure not weather-wise. LOL!

Your cabin is just beautiful. Looks so peaceful. Love your recent card crafting.

Thinking of you tomorrow - have a great day.

Sarah said...

Love the new cards!

lera said...

Yuck: coming home from vacation and going straigh to work! Are you nuts?!?!

Christy said...

Welcome home! Those cards are SO cute! I may have to try my hand at some. ;)

Felicia said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you're back. You deserved such a wonderful week of relaxation. Love your new cards. I'll be thinking of you as you head back to work.

Tracy said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a grand time away! The new cards are lovely--super colors & patterns. Hope the school year will be a good one ((HUGS))

Chara Michele said...

I hope you had a good first day back at work! Summer went by so quick, didn't it!

That morning you described sounds so wonderful and it looks so peaceful at your cabin. I *might* be able to give up high-speed internet to live somewhere that beautiful. Okay, maybe not! :)

Those cards look wonderful!