Wednesday, September 26, 2007

secret sewing

I've been sewing up a storm lately but I'm afraid it's a top secret project and I can only provide a quick teaser:

Trust me, there are many more where that came from and I'll be sure to explain it in much greater detail in a future post.

Now that I've got that project done, I can't wait to get back to playing with my Gocco machine and the ton of new fabrics I've been purchasing lately but haven't had the chance to use.

Remember my tooth drama? Well, I've been very good at not using my blog to complain about my ongoing saga, but it's not over yet. Since having the root canal, things have still not "been right" with my tooth. Finally, on Monday I went back to see the dentist. After a quick examination, he determined that I need ANOTHER root canal on the tooth beside the one he just did!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even as I write this, I'm all doped up on Diazapam and I'm just waiting for Joe to come and pick me up to take me to the dentist. At least this time I know what I'm in for. I've had tooth pain since June. Believe me, this had better be the end of it all!!!!!!!


Felicia said...

Hum....wonder what this top secret adventure might be. Its one very pretty tote!

lera said...

Oh my! I hope your mouth starts feeling normal again soon. So this is part 1 of 3, right? Yikes! Feel better soon! And take those drugs.

Cute bag.

atet said...

I'll be thinking of you and that dentist!! OUCH!!! (drugs, good. mouth pain -- nasty!)

rohanknitter said...

Oh I'm so sorry, that is the pits!

Super cute bag!

Mrs.Kwitty said... secret huh? I have to admit, I AM intriqued! lol

Sorry to hear about the tooth--what a bummer. I sure hope they can get you all fixed up for good this time!
Smiles, Karen

Tracy said...

You can you show us something so fun and not share more? Since you are in a bad way though, we forgive you ;o) The suspense!! But trully, so sorry about your tooth. Hope all will be well soon and you won't have to go to the dentist again for a while. DH's root canal took total of 4 visits this summer--I'm sure our dentist will be able to buy another boat--LOL! Be taking good care ((HUGS))

Mary Sarah said...

I love your new tote and I'm anxious to read more about your top secret project(s)! Sorry about your tooth problems. I hope this will be the end of it.

Chara Michele said...

Oh my! Top Secret huh! I am so curious now! :)