Sunday, April 27, 2008

busy busy busy

I am pretty sure that this is just about the longest time EVER between posts for me but I've just been completely pre-occupied by my camera.

I'm two weeks into the photography course I'm taking and I've spent this entire week taking photos. I can guarantee that I've never taken so many photos in my life!

I've squeezed in a TEENSY bit of sewing time but with all the photos I've been taking for class I haven't had time to breathe, let alone update my poor neglected blog.

I have to hand in my first assignment tomorrow night and having not sat in a classroom (as a student) for close to twenty years (wow!), I'm fretting just a little bit.

Oh, and as much as I love that photo of the pinwheels, I can't use it for my assignment, it doens't fit the "simple" criteria so I thouht I'd share it here.


lera said...

I love those colors!!! How pretty.

Mary Sarah said...

Love your picture! and the camera strap you made! I'm behind in blogging ... reading and posting. Good luck with your class!

Felicia said...

Can't wait to see more of your photos :)

Jodi said...

It is simplicity....there is nothing distracting in that photo, and I hate to say I told you so, but I did....!

Anonymous said...

can you tell me more about the photog class you're taking? it seems GREAT!