Sunday, April 20, 2008

Niagara Falls Aviary

I have been sewing (a little bit) and I'll try to post photos very very soon of that.

In the meantime, I spent the better part of the day today at the Niagara Falls Aviary taking some photos with a friend.

While we were waiting for the rest of the group, we snapped a few shots of the American falls.

We then met up with the rest of the group for our tour. I have never seen so many cameras, lenses, tripods, monopods and camera gear in my whole life!

I took 87 photos in all. I think I like maybe 7 of them.

One of the gentlemen there was helping out my friend. They had the same camera and he had a backpack full of lenses he was letting her try. When I saw his face I knew I recognized him. I asked his name and quickly remembered that he was a student at the school I worked at before this one. His only comment was "you had blonde hair then". It was funny and I felt old.

It was a fun time. If nothing else it made me realize just how much I have to learn.


Felicia said...

Its awesome that you're getting out there and working to improve your photography skills.

Felicia said...

And your bird photos are fabulous :)

lera said...

Love the bids. What vibrant colors! It sounds like a great little field trip.

Feli said...

wow I love the Depth of Field used in your photos. Did you get very close to them?

Anonymous said...

oooh! You're taking a photography course? that is fantastical!