Monday, April 14, 2008

orange and strawberry

I made two more batches of soap this weekend.

A small 1-lb batch of orange dreamsicle soap.

And a larger, 3-lb batch of strawberry soap.

I wish I had made a large batch of the orange dreamsicle soap because it smells so good! The strawberry scent is not-so-good yet. I'm hoping it improves with time.

I'm completely excited today. I signed up for a 10 week SLR photography course at a kind-of local community college. My first class is tonight!


lera said...

Ooooh!! Yummy!! I can almost smell them. The color is great.

Have fun at your photography class. I'm jealous. You'll have to teach me everything you know about *our* camera.

Katie Jean said...

oh my, those look so yummy! You've sure been busy this last week!

Have fun at your class!

Mary Sarah said...

I can't smell them, but they look delicious!

Dallas said...

Orange dreamcycle sounds delicious. And I love the matching backdrops.

Anonymous said...

Orange dreamsicle must smell delicious, just the like ice cream bars!

Felicia said...

They look very tasty :)

Pam said...

ooo, the orange ones sound yummy!

Blog hoping here, I found you from Fluffy Flower's site.

Chara Michele said...

Have fun with the class! :)

That orange soap sounds lovely... (Orange is actually one of my favorite soap scents :)

cici said...

those look yummy! you should have stuck "popstickle" sticks in them.

have fun in your class.