Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A good day

Yesterday was very productive around here. In the morning I made three different kinds of soap. It's not quite as good as it sounds, I made one batch and divided it up into three smaller ones, scenting and colouring them all differently.

This morning I can remove it from the molds and slice it. That's always the fun part. The not-so-fun part is waiting three weeks (not 4, Lera) for the soap to cure.

Once I was done being a soap-maker, I decided it was time to sew a new bag. I used the Grand Revival Flea Market Bag pattern thanks to Dallas who ever-so-kindly sent me the instructions to replace my missing ones!

I really wanted a neutral bag that would go with almost anything. I used a heavy denim for the outer fabric and a funky orange and green fabric (from my stash) for the lining. I used green thread for the topstitching all around.

I made the small size because I really didn't want anything crazy big. I'm thinking now that I would like it a teensy bit deeper so I might just have to make the larger version.

I really like this pattern. It was a little tricky for me two wrap my brain around, but once I got started it came together quite quickly.


lera said...

It's four. You're going to burn off your skin. And then, don't come crying to me. :-)

Cute bag. I bet it is very versatile.

Brandy said...

The bag looks great. Glad you were able to get your hands on the instructions.

Dallas said...

Your bag turned out soo cute. I had a hard time with the handle when I made it - mine was too short.

Barbara said...

I've been making soap for over 8 years. Do you super-fat? Makes for a much nicer bar

Also, if you heat your soap in the oven (if your molds are oven safe) at the lowest temp for 2 hours after pouring and then let set over night, you can use it much faster. I use mine in just a few days...