Monday, July 28, 2008

Hi, from Pennsylvania!

My Mom and I hit the road yesterday. After an 8 hour drive for me, we finally ended up in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, approximately 210 miles and 19 fights later.

Our first stop, of course, was Walmart in Warsaw, New York.

Not only was it the prettiest littlest Walmart ever, all nestled in the mountains (I'll talk about mountains in a moment) but it was the quietest Walmart I've ever been in.

Now, I consider myself quite smart, but boy was I ever astonished to realize that what seems like all of New York State and what I've seen in Pennsylvania so far is completely covered in mountains.

Time to pack up the laptop and hit the road again.....I have to check with my Mother and see if the fight-meter gets re-set to zero or do we start where we left off????

he he he

(she just said it should be re-set to zero)


lera said...

A quiet Walmart? I never heard of that!

All the mountains are beautiful. (Maryland is prettier, though :-)

Try to place nicely together and no more fighting!

Katie Jean said...

maryland is nice, but I'm a NY girl, so I have to say I LOVE NY :)

that sounds like quite the trip. Hope you're having a great time!