Thursday, July 24, 2008

Painting and one for the road...

Why don't I remember painting being so hard???? I decided that last week I was FINALLY going to paint the dining room. First of all, I had to deal with some wall repairs. Our house is 80 or 90 year old and has plaster walls which are being held up by wallpaper. I spent the first day making some minor repairs, but they did take me all day to do!!!

Next up, the walls. I painted them a very neutral taupe colour and I'm quite pleased with that but that took me two days. (Am I a super slow painter, or what?). Then, even though I had decided I did not want to paint the ceiling, it became apparent that I HAD to. It was very dingy compared to my new freshly painted walls.

I had never painted a ceiling before and foolishly decided to start that project at 5:00 in the evening. When the sun went down I had to stop and finish that up the next morning, I was really having trouble determining what I had painted and what I hadn't.

Then came the trim. Fortunately, Joe was home and gave me a hand with that, but again, that took an entire day.

But I'm happy with it.

I had big plans to do the hallway and doors this week, but I just couldn't do it. I plan to get around to that in August as well as paint the bedroom and bathroom.

This week I've been getting ready to take a Thelma & Louise style road trip with my Mom. We are leaving on Sunday and coming home on Thursday or Friday. More about that later.

But of course, how could I possibly hit the road without at least ONE new Simplicity 3835???? I couldn't.

This fabric drove me nuts. It was a bit tricky to sew because it had some stretch to it. I think I love it, but the jury's still out.

I might be able to blog while I'm away, but if not, have a super and safe week!!


Mary said...

LOVE the paint job !!!!!!! Maybe one day Bob and I can come for a visit and check it out for real! :o)

Hope you have a wonderful and safe road-trip!!


Gem said...

Looking good :) I really must try and get hold of that pattern - you've done a few tops with it and they've all looked amazing! Have a good trip :)

lera said...

I think it looks great. And, so what if it took two days? It wasn't a rushed job!

I love your new 38-35.

So, you are returning Friday, right????? I have a feeling you'll blog along the way. :-) Be safe traveling with your Mom.

Mary Sarah said...

The room looks great! All that hard work paid off! I've painted before and it is hard work. Take it a room at a time. Your new top looks great. Have a fun time with your mom!

Christy said...

The paint job looks great! I bought a gallon of paint for DS's bathroom about 2 years ago. It's still in the cupboard.

Have a safe and spectabular trip with your Mom. :)

BTW, I finally bought 3835 and fabric for 4 tops. See what you've started!

cici said...

i like the 3835. cute.

Janice said...

I have an award for you over at my blog.

Chara Michele said...

The painting looks great! I like the new top too.

Hope you are having fun on your road trip! :)