Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day and thought I'd mention a book that I'm reading. It's called Timbit nation : a hitchhiker's view of Canada.

Timbit Nation
is the story of a journalist from Toronto who decides to hitchhike accross Canada. The book is part history lesson, part geography lesson and part comedy sketch. I'm completely loving it, it's the perfect summer-time read for anyone who wants to learn a little more about Canada.

The night before last when I was falling asleep I was thinking about a Martha Stewart recipe I used to make quite regularly, grilled flatbread. So yesterday morning I went to the grocery store to buy yeast and made a (double) batch and had some for lunch.

I cannot stress the following enough...I am NOT a fussy, bread-making person. I appreciate that people make their own bread, but bread-making is NOT FOR ME! Having said that, I could make this recipe every day. It is SO EASY and the results are SO YUMMY. In the past I would make my own hummus to go with it, but yesterday I opted to buy a small tub instead. I have a hunch that this just might become the "summer of the grilled flatbread" around our house.

The only change I made to the recipe is I omit the salt at the end. I'm sure it's because I just didn't read that you were supposed to do that the first few times I made it. Anyways, I don't miss the added salt.

I'm already thinking about how great they would be as pizza crusts and fajita wraps. I highly recommend this recipe.


Pam said...

happy canada day to you! that sounds like a neat read. the flatbread looks so yummy. i had some somewhere recently that was topped with spinach and cheese. mmmmmm. i've craved it ever since.

p.s. I found your site through Felica a couple months ago. ;)

lera said...

And happy Canada Day to you!

The flatbread looks amazing. I think I might need to make some. Thanks for sharing.

Hopper said...

Nice post... and that bread... yummy... could just taste it... happy Canada Day from one Canuck to another...

caliconurse said...

Happy Belated Canada day to you! I made a batch of the flatbread this week end and used my rosemary and fresh garlic on it and my family went crazy! I ended up having to make a 2nd batch so dh could try it too and that was gone just as quickly! This will definitely be a staple around here! Love your blog by the way :)