Saturday, September 06, 2008

The first (of many)

I could hardly wait to get to my sewing machine after reading Amandajean's awesome storage cube tutorial.

This was my first attempt. It's a little wonky, but that's MY fault, not the tutorial's!

I made the cube without the binding at the top and added it as an afterthought. I shouldn't have. I was lazy, sewed it with the machine and it's not pretty. Notice I took the photo so that you can't see the inside of the cube???

I'd make another one right now but I don't have any more cardboard. I think I'm going to be pushing cereal for breakfast around here for the next month or so!


lera said...

Cute. If you lived closer, you could have as many cereal boxes as your little heart desired.

cici said...

i like it. once you fill it with stuff no one will need see the inside anyway.

Jessica said...

I'll have to check that tutorial out...I'm in dire need of getting some fabric boxes so that I am organized!

Mary Sarah said...

Well, isn't that the cutest thing? What a great idea!

Felicia said...

Good gravy! That's cute as cake :)