Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

I had some very good luck at Value Village today.

I have a route when I go to VV. First stop is ALWAYS the sewing notions, but I have to go right past the Pyrex section to get there so I am always on the hunt for pink Pyrex for Lera (I've yet to have any luck in the pink Pyrex hunt).

The holy grail of thrifting for me is buttons. I love them. LOVE them. My heart skipped a beat when I rounded the corner today and saw EIGHT bags of vintage buttons!!!!! I gulped and started to do the inspection. I was NOT buying all of them. I settled on two bags that seemed to have the prettiest buttons in them.

My next stop is always the bedding/linen department. I got lucky today and found three brand new knit dish cloths for $1.99. Okay, two knit ones and one crochet one. I love these!

I already have a project in mind for the buttons. All I will say is it involves spray paint. I'm excited.


lera said...

No pink Pyrex?!? Darn!!!!!

Love the buttons. The photo is awesome. (Are you sure you're not a professional button photographer ? Okay. Inside joke.)

cici said...

you have an amzing amount of willpower. to walk past the buttons like that.

Mary said...

OMG 8 bags of buttons!!!!!!!!!! Lucky you! Why when I walk into those stores I can't find 8 bags of Weebles or 8 bags of Beatles Yellow Submarine items! LOL

Good for you chicky!!!!!!!!!

Felicia said...

Buttons AND dishcloths in one outing? Lucky girl! I never seem to have time to get to the thrift stores these days.

And I probably would have been tempted by the dark side and brought home all those buttons :)