Monday, September 01, 2008


I spent the better part of the weekend cleaning around the house and getting ready to go back to work on Tuesday after having 9 weeks off.

I hate Labour Day weekend, and it was especially terrible this year with Joe working 18 hour days.

Oh well.

The only fun/crafty thing I did this weekend was make some scrabble tile pendants using this tutorial.

They were fun and easy to do. The brown one on the far right is the only one that gave me issues. There was an air bubble in the glaze and when I tried to pop it it made a bit of a mess so I threw more glaze on it. It does look wonky with the sun reflecting on it but I'm sure I can wear it without anyone seeing the flaw.

I'm racing around this morning doing housework and I'm hoping that Joe will be home this afternoon so that we can squeeze a last little bit of fun out of the day before I have to go to work tomorrow.


Her said...

did you try to pop it by blowing on it through a straw?

Brandy said...

Your pendants came out wonderfully! Are you going to sell them?

Crafty B said...

Hi Karyn, finally got round to catching up on blogs after a long 6 week summer break for me. You have been busy! The pendants are great!

Janice said...

The pendants look great! I'm back to work tomorrow as well. Where did the last nine weeks go?

lera said...

Oh, Karyn! I love them!!

Have a great day tomorrow!