Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'm exhausted. We just got home from a long day at a local conservation area with some friends. The colours were beautiful, sadly, most of my photos weren't.

Here are the few I was able to save.

The first two are of the ruins of an old mill. I would love to go back and take some portraits there. We didn't have time for that today and the place was packed!

Our senior dog, Chinook.

I was playing around in the car.

The obligatory red leaf photo.

And a pumpkin patch we drove past on the way home (and I made Joe pull over to the side of the road at).

It was a very photographically discouraging day. I was playing with a new lens (that I bought second hand) and I don't blame the lens for my crappy photos, I blame the fact that I'm just not used to it. I took over 200 photos and liked maybe 10. Sigh.


Mary Sarah said...

The pictures you saved are great! Chinook is beautiful! I miss the fall colors out here. Hope you get some rest!

lera said...

Your photos are great! (I already commented on your other blog.)

Felicia said...

Ten's better than none! ;)

Mary said...

I LOVE the photo's you posted!!!!!!!! Awesome stuff!!!