Sunday, October 26, 2008

More photos

Joe and I have been camera crazy. Reading about and playing with RAW files, learning how to use new software and adjusting our camera settings.

Last night we went out for a drive. We ended up at two different pumpkin farms and took a bunch of photos.

I am SO excited about RAW photos! They take much longer to process, but boy, are the results ever worth it.

Today I'm off to my sister's bridal shower armed with my camera.


Crafty B said...

RAW photos? I need to find out more!
Great photos! I wish we had pumpkin farms! x

lera said...

Jack and Mason are sitting here with me enjoying your photos. Great job.

(Jack asks, "What are the rabbit and hen for?")

feli said...

My two fav photos are the one with this chook (chicken) and skeleton!! that is soooo funny.

Fantastic photos. I am not brave enough to play around with RAW photos yet.

Funky Finds said...

great pics! hey, check out my new page i'm starting. wanna be on it???

Mary said...

LOVE that Skeleton piccie!! Woo!

Gosh! All your pictures are amazing!

Felicia said...

Beautiful photos!

Mary Sarah said...

These pictures are great! Ok, I'm dumb. What's a raw photo? (Love the skeleton!)