Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Today's the day, it's the launch of this year's reading program at my school. I've organized a pizza lunch for 120 students plus about 15 guests from the community and for the teachers at my school. It is like planning a wedding! I've had to deal with invitations, food, decorations, guest lists, door prizes, goodie bags, reading club booklets, etc. etc. I can't wait until it's over!!!

Tonight is such a fun night for us at home. Joe is truly a gadget geek. We decorate our front porch so that it looks really really spooky. Joe rigs up a scarecrow with a video camera and speakers so that we can sit in the living room and watch it all unfold on the TV. The kiddies approach the porch (usually with some hesitation) and then we can talk to them, using a microphone in the living room, through the scarecrow. Our house is on a busy corner, so we must get at least 200 visitors on Halloween. Now, I can't tell you how funny this is. We have some real comedians who work the microphone inside the house. This is funnier than anything I've ever seen on America's Funniest Home Videos. On occasion, I'm laughing so hard I can hardly hand out the candy at the door. The number of guests we have over at Halloween seems to be growing each year as we become more famous. Tonight we are having about 10 friends over to join in fun. I hope the rain doesn't spoil the festivities.

Here's a picture of a jack'o'lantern from my past.

I scanned a TON of old family slides after my dear father passed away. I found this one this morning and thought it needed to be part of my Halloween post.

Happy Halloween!!!


Funky Finds said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Your banner looks great too :)

Rebecca-bakesale said...

I hope your kickoff lunch goes well! And I'm jealous of all the Halloween fun you get to have tonight. Too fun!

lera said...

Your house sounds like a blast to visit at Halloween!!!!!

Good luck with your reading program. I hope all of your hard work pays off.

feli said...

Happy Halloweeeeen... Dont have toooo much candy. :*)

Leslie said...

How did the lunch go? I know the kids loved it.