Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just in time

Yesterday there was a huge freak fall storm not 30 kms away from here. Schools were closed, hydro lines were knocked down and a state of emergency was declared. The worst we saw here in St. Catharines was some heavy rain and some very chilly temperatures.

Fortunately, I've been knitting a pair of mittens this week. I finished them last night while sitting in front of a roaring fire snuggled under my new raggy quilt. The bad thing about that quilt is that I don't want to move my butt from the couch, thus, the mittens.

Joe has gone geocaching today. We decided that Letchworth was not a smart idea. We would have had to drive through Buffalo which was also declared a state of emergency yesterday. I decided to pass on geocaching today. It's still cold out and the weather forcast is calling for rain. That doesn't sound like much fun to me. I'll just have to stay home and sew :)

1 comment:

lera said...

cute mittens.

i can't think of a better reason to sit on the couch ... unless it's to hold a baby :-) (who's in my arms now)