Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dentists are SCAREY!

I feel crappy. I have a toothache. I hunted down a dentist this morning and I have to have a cavity filled. He didn't look at my whole mouth today, just the sore spot, I'm sure there is lots more dentistry in my near future, maybe. I am TOTALLY afraid of going to the dentist. The ONLY reason I dragged myself there today was because we are going away on Sunday and I didn't want to be stuck up at the cottage with a dental emergency.

I had to fill out a form. On it they asked what did you like best about your last dentist?? I said "nothing". The form asked what is most important to you in a dental office and I said "lots of drugs". When the dental hygenist started to tell me what she was going to do tomorrow I told her to "stop, I don't need to know". When the very nice receptionist offered a tour of the office before I left, I asked her if she was crazy!!! he he he "NO! I don't want a tour, I don't want to know!!".

Oh, and I cried. Quiet tears, not real bawling, but I cried. The only good thing was that when you cry at the dentist's office you don't even need to wait in the waiting room, for some reason they rush you right in!!! :) LOL!!!

The ladies were all very nice, and thank goodness, they all had a really great sense of humour. If they didn't work in a dentist's office I would probably even like them.

I have drugs to get me there tomorrow. I need them.

Ok, I can't think about it anymore.

Moving on.

What does a girl do when she's trying to keep occupied and not think about scarey dentists??? Make totes, of course.

The only thing I did a little differently was change the shape a little bit. They are a little narrower at the top than the bottom. It's not very noticeable, but I like them.

Wish me good luck tomorrow. No, wait, wish the dental office staff good luck tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

17 comments: said...

I really like that flower fabric - the bag turned out well. I hope your teeth are feeling better now.

Mary Sarah said...

Hang in there! The newer techniques and anthesia are much better than ever before. Dentists are also better trained now to handle anxious patients too. Do I sound like a dentist? I'm not, but my husband is a dentist/dental professor. I just asked what he would say to a very nervous patient. I had a lot of dental work done about 20 years ago and then I had more done a year ago. I can tell you things are better. Good Luck!!! BTW, your bags are fantastic!

Katie Jean said...

hahah.. I'm only laughing because I have about (at least) 7 cavities in my mouth and I have yet to make an appt with the Dentist. I'm too afraid that he's gonna say something like "umm, we just need to pull all your teeth!"

Good luck tomorrow! Maybe i'll get enough courage to call the dentist!

feli said...

Owh I hate the dentist too. My sister loves them dont know why.

Good Luck. :*)

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. I wish you deep breaths and calm thoughts as you go to the dentist. Listen to music on head phones while you are in the chair. I really does help.


Polka Dot Creations said...

I don't even want to admit when my last trip to the dentist was... It sounds like you found a good place, though, where they know how to make you feel at ease. Good luck with that!

That's great flower fabric on the second tote.

Felicia said...

You poor thing! Best of luck to you and think happy thoughts. Think about fluffy flowers :)

Love your new totes :)

Anonymous said...

there are such people as good dentists - and they can make the experirnce so much easier. good luck and i hope you feel better.

Tracy said...

Hope all will be well for you--and the dentist--today! ;o) Hope you'll be feeling better soon, and will enjoy your weekend. Super totes! ((HUGS))

Chara Michele said...

I finally went to the dentist a few weeks ago (after putting it off), so I totally know how you feel. Luckily I didn't have any cavities, but I have some other stuff I am supposed to get done to my teeth (but don't really want to...) I hope that the appointment to get your cavity filled goes well for you and the dental staff! :)

What cute new bags! I love how you made them slightly more narrow at the top. I did that too with my last bag, it just looks so nice that way! :)

rohanknitter said...

I just love the floral fabric!
Wouldn't it be awful to be a dentist, I don't think many people like going at all.
Hang in there!

lera said...

Uh-oh. I hope things went well today.

Cute bags, by the way.

Tracy said...

Karyn, here's wishing you luck at the dentist. I find what helps best is to just close my eyes and take deep breaths. Then again, I'm crazy and I actually enjoy going to the dentist.

atet said...

My best wished to the office staff at the dentist. You'll be fine. Really.

Jenni-Raie said...

what do you do with all the totes you make? i haven't made any for a while... i'm itching to start making stuff again!

and i need to make an eye appointment.

kirsten said...

thanks a lot! now you reminded me that i am way overdue and really need to head in to my dentist. or find one.

best of luck and i hope the drugs meet your expectations! :)

Mary Sarah said...

Just checking ... How did your trip to the dentist go? Good drugs? Are you feeling ok?