Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm baaaack!

Whew, what a great week that was. We had a super time at the cottage. The only bad part about it was that we had to come home.

I woke up one morning and caught the sunrise. I took a picture of the lake with the mist rising on it and a picture of the front of the cottage.

I have a hard time getting good photos of our dogs. They rarely sit still. I did manage to get this photo of Chinook. I love it. Chinook is a Shepherd mix and her arthritis is really slowing her down. She loves the water but the stairs down to the lake were just too much for her this year. She did go down but we really discouraged it.

Not far from the cottage there's a little in that for some reason keeps several llamas on their property. Joe and I stopped in for a little visit one day. I really liked this one. I kept telling her (for some reason I just assumed it was a "she") that she was pretty. I think she knew it because she was very happy to pose for the camera.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was visiting the screaming heads in Burk's Falls. It's home to an artist who has creating HUGE sculptures in the fields surrounding his house (which is also a work of art).

This is the gate at the front of his house.

Another enterance to his property.

I'm not sure if he actually lives in the house or not. There is a trailer set up right beside the house and I suspect that that's where he may live. Anyways, this is part of his house.

The fields surrounding his house are full of the most incredible sculptures. Here's one of my favourite photos of Joe posing with one of the trees.

And lastly, here's a couple of photos of the trees.

While we were away I think I knit one more inch of the socks that I brought to work on. I wasn't too crafty although I did do quite a bit or reading. I'm reading the Stephanie Plum series which was recommended to me by Felicia. I only had two of the books with me and when I finished them on Thursday I was certainly left hanging. I dove into the next book in the series last night. I'm not sure how much sewing/crafting will get done until I've read all 13 books!!! (thanks Felicia!!)

I got some great mail while I was away that is yet to be photographed so I'll be posting about that later this week. I've missed my sewing machine and if I can get through the laundry and unpacking I might actually get re-acquainted with it today!

I have a zillion blogs to read now. I can't wait to see what I missed!!!


Felicia said...

I'm so glad you had a delightfully relaxing trip. That sunset photo is really lovely. And the lama is cute as cake! What is up with those awesome spiderman gates? Now that would be a groovy thing to have! I'm so glad you're enjoying the books. They get better and funnier.

Katie Jean said...

Sounds like a great trip. I love all those sculpture pictures. They're amazing!!

Bob the Robot said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good vacation. The sunset phot is awesome.
The screaming head look cool!!! I really want to got there with Mary to check it out.

lera said...

The *only* bad thing was coming home???? Do you wish to recant that statement? LOL

Great photos, Karyn.

Did I ever tell you that my sister and I always thought that llamas had two heads? Yeah, that Dr. Doolittle really messed us up for years! (Pretty llama. I like that she knew she was pretty.)

Sarah and Jack said...

Well, that head house sure is interesting. Why would you live next to it though? Wierd. LOL

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures, especially

the picture of Chinook. She looks

like a sweet natured pet. Don't

you have 2 cats also? Sounds like

you had an interesting week.

debbie said...

Hey Karyn, welcome back. Looks like you had a wonderful time at that beautiful cabin of yours surrounding by all that gorgeous wilderness. Thanks for sharing all those great pictures of your trip - loved the scenery, the sculptures and the llama!

I meant to catch you before you left but just plain ran out of time. Anyhow, I was sending good dental thoughts your way!

Chara Michele said...

Sounds like a lovely time! I love those first two pictures at sunrise!

Chinook is looks absolutely darling! (Of course, I have a very soft spot in my heart for any german shepherd/german shepherd mix:)

Anonymous said...

personally, i think you're reading so that you can effectively avoid being comitted to using what you have. by book 13 it will be August and you'll be free to craft with NEW supplies.

but that's just me.

welcome back. beautiful place, i don't think i'd want to leave either.

feli said...

Yeay you are back. I love the Llama. I have seen something similar here in Australia but they are call Alpacas. Dont know if they are the same animal but THEY ARE CUTE.

Is that really a tree or just sculptures of a tree? I love the house.

Hmm now you are making me curious about Stephanie Plum

Tracy said...

So glad you had a grand time away, Karyn! Chinook is a super sweetie. Great sculptures! Such super photos. Welcome home ((HUGS)) :o)

Funky Finds said...

welcome back! great pics!

Mary said...

Welcome Back!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to hear about your trip when we actually see you tonight for DESSERT. :o)