Monday, July 02, 2007

A New Purse

Next week Joe and I go to the cottage. It's our "happy place" and the two weeks we spend up there each summer are the best two weeks of the year!! Traditionally I bring knitting with me when I go but I'm just not in the knitting mood. I think I have some sock yarn stashed away somewhere so I may bring that with me but I also want to bring something else to work on.

I spent the better part of yesterday morning putting together little sewing kits. I've prepared about 15 zippered pouches for embellishing. Each ziplock baggie contains the makings of a pouch and matching buttons for decoration. It will give me something to do while Joe is hogging the dial-up internet and logging all our geocaching finds :)

Between the kitting, sewing and "Stephanie Plum" books (thanks Felicia!!) I should be quite busy.

I've also spent the past two days working on a new pleated purse. I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like but knew to make my prototypes with crappy fabric. Version one was way too small, version two was way too big. Here they are, strapless because I cut the straps off to re-use them for take three.

In the third version I was playing with different strap styles. Traditional straps and bias tape straps. I went for the sturdiness of traditional straps.

I was feeling confident in the design and decided to make the real bag. I used a light interfacing on the outer fabric and lining. I did't want it to be too stiff or too floppy. I'm quite happy with the outcome. that I'm looking at the photos, I do kind of like the blue floral print I used in the third version. Maybe I'll use that to make another bag.


Chara Michele said...

It sounds like you will have plenty to do up at your cottage! I don't think I am ever that prepared for anything:)

I like the new bag! :) (And that blue fabric would definitely look good on another bag!)

lera said...

What a good idea to pack little craft bags to take to the cottage. It sounds like a great place to get away.

I love the bags. I think I like the print on the third one the best. Maybe you should enter your bag on SewMamaSew for bag month.

Katie Jean said...

hey, you can always start a hexagon quilt. that will keep you busy forever!

and I like the new bags, especially that one. I actually have a book that has a pattern for something similar to that. I keep studying it in hopes that maybe one day I'll do it. maybe.

Mary Sarah said...

Your new bag looks great! I like all the fabrics you used. 2 weeks away and lots of time for sewing and knitting ... Sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see everything you accomplish!

Felicia said...

Wow, I admire how organized you are with the projects you're taking.

Your new bags are so groovy! I like to sort of poofiness and the flowery fabric, of course!

Crafty B said...

I love how you've put together little craft bags to keep you busy - what a great idea! I must remember that next time I go away as I find it so difficult sat still not doing anything!!

mommy to four j's said...

how fun and your purse is s uper cute. sounds like a great place to get away,

randi said...

I love this bag style. Pleats will be next on my list of things to try!

I agree with Lera--enter the bag in the contest!

Tracy said...

LOVE the bags! My fave is that last pink one shown...Great job! I'm working on a pleated bag too (LOL!) and doing more traditional straps seem to give the bag more "stability". Your bag of goodies looks ready for vacation! :o)