Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tags and Cards

Ok, so the tags appear to have been a hit. I've had quite a few questions about my punch. It measures 1.75 X 2.75 inches. Unfortunately, I threw away the packaging so I don't know the brand. I can check the next time I'm at Michael's.

I've made some more. These ones are stamped.

And perhaps my favourites.

I also found some fabric squares I bought on Ebay last fall. I made Christmas cards with them last year and I've almost used them all up (yay for stash-busting!!). I use this amazing tutorial from Linda at Craft Apple.

I've spent the better part of my morning finishing up the tags and cards and taking pictures of them. I've also gone back and re-done a bunch of my Etsy photos (stuff that hasn't been posted yet because I hated the pictures). It is such a slow process, taking pictures and keeping everything organized. It had to be done though and I feel much better about things now.


lera said...

Wow! Christmas in July at your house!!

All of it is very cute, as usual, Karyn.

Funky Finds said...

you are officially awarded a rockin' blogger girl award. check out my blog!

Cici said...

you have such an eye for pattern and color combos. the tags and cards are great.

Polka Dot Creations said...

I love the new cards. I just gave my nephew one of the frog cards I bought from you for his birthday. I'm enjoying having a drawer full of cards I can use for any occasion that pops up :-)

Chara Michele said...

I can't see the photos of what you made:(