Friday, January 25, 2008

I've got the soap-making bug!!

Yesterday I made two more batches of soap.

The first (3 lb) batch is mocha soap. I used fresh-brewed (cooled) coffee to make it instead of water. I added cocoa, a splash of vanilla fragrance oil and some coffee grounds at trace and when it was poured in the mold I sprinkled some more grounds on top.

In theory it sounds wonderful, doesn't it?? (ok, maybe it doesn't, I don't know).

Well, let's just say that if the scent doesn't improve, this batch is headed to the garbage bin. I'm ok with that, I have a LOT to learn.

I got the kitchen all cleaned up, had dinner and then it hit me, I HAD to make another batch, but my mold was already busy. I wanted to make a batch of "manly" soap for Joe, so I dragged everything out again and made a smaller 1 lb batch of "Muskoaka Boathouse" (cedar scent) soap. I used a tupperware container as a mold, it turned out ok (using that mold) but I think I have to beg Joe to make me a small, 1 lb wood mold.

Anyways, I had some serious doubts about this soap right up until the point that I cut it. I'm kinda digging it now. It is quite heavily scented, but I really think that the scent will fade as the soap cures.

On Sunday, my friend is coming over to make soap. I'm sure I'll make another batch with her, I am thinking "Vanilla Oatmeal".

While I had my camera out the other day, I was able to finally get a picture of Jake, she's our 20ish year old cat who doesn't like to be photographed.


Felicia said...

Whoa! That boathouse soap looks beautiful. Its very evocative of the beach and ocean. I'd say that batch was a definite manly success :)

And if that first picture of soap were a cake I'd be the first to snatch it up and take a bite. It looks good enough to eat.

Jake is a she, huh? She's a cute little sweetheart :)

lera said...

The soap looks so good! I think Joe will love that you made soap for him. Very thoughtful.

I say rebatch the soap if you don't like it. Don't throw it away. There's too much money involved with the oils.

Dallas said...

Vanilla oatmeal sounds wonderful.

Katie Jean said...

haha, you're going to be one clean girl!!

I hope the coffee soap works out. I really love anything coffee scented!

Anonymous said...

coffee soap sounds good to me. that boathouse soap is beautful! i love the colors!

atet said...

Those soaps sound wonderful! Love the idea of the vanilla oatmeal soap as well -- have fun playing.

Christy said...

Love the colors of the Boathouse soap. The Vanilla Oatmeal sounds pretty good. You oculd put in a bit of cinnamon and make it an Oatmeal Cookie soap. (Sorry, having a bit of a sweet craving. Might have to go bake now.)

Angie said...

Cute little cat :-) The soap looks great!

Mary Sarah said...

All of the soap looks and sounds great! Jake is a very pretty 'kitty'. That's a great picture!

Chara Michele said...

Look at you making all that soap! I love the colors of the second soap!
Coffee soap sounds lovely, I hope that it turns out!

Jake is such a cutie! So glad you could get a photo of her & post it:)