Tuesday, January 15, 2008

toys, computers and dpn pouches

I've been feeling "not right" ever since Saturday, a little bit queasy, but not queasy enough to stop eating (of course). That's my excuse for being a Project 365 slacker. You heard me. Honestly? I'm amazed it took 10 days. I'm going to keep going (even though I'm TOTALLY tempted to quit). I know it's such a great thing and most days it's fun, so I'm going to hang in there.

Speaking of queasiness. Here's a funny story. Last week I realized I had a TON of Sony points on my Sony Mastercard. I looked online at what I could buy with them and I thought a PSP (Playstation Portable) would be a fun toy. So I ordered it. I bought a couple of cheap games on the weekend so when it arrived I'd have something to play. The PSP came yesterday. Joe and I set it up (I'm dumb when it comes to those things) and I popped in my new game, Practical Intelligence Quotient.

I went through the tutorial and I wasn't feeling so great so I put it down. It's a 3D puzzle/maze kind of game and at this point I was still really excited about it. So...a while later (when I was feeling better) I picked up the PSP and loaded up the game. After about 15 minutes I felt SOOO SICK!!!! I felt like I had the worse case of car sickness I've ever had! It was too bad too, because the game was really fun.

I turned off the PSP (without even closing the game) and ran to the bedroom and tucked myself into bed. The room was spinning and I wanted to die! (I'm laughing at this now). Joe had run across the street to the convenience store when I initially wanted to die. He came in the bedroom looking for me and I asked him if it was possible to get sick from playing a video game. He said it certainly was and it had happened to him before.

I feel better today, but I'll be selling that game, you can count on that!

Next up, my computer issues. I have no idea what happened but every time I opened Internet Explorer I was getting error messages that it had to shut down. I have anti-spyware software and anti-virus software on my computer so I am pretty sure (but not positive) that it wasn't a virus. Joe suggested bailing on IE and installing Firefox (that's what he uses) so that's what I did. I really do NOT like change and I was missing my IE so after trying several more things, I did a system restore, backdating my computer a couple of weeks and all seems to be (seems is the key word there) good again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

And lastly, some sewing.

I bought a set (actually 2) of bamboo double pointed needles from eBay during the holidays. I was tired of spending $10.00 a set on them every time I needed a different size. I needed to find some way to store them. Traditional DPN rolls never work for me, I always end up losing needles.

I stumbled upon this great tutorial for DPN pouches and knew that's exactly what I needed.

So today I started on them. In typical Karyn style, the first few I made didn't really work out. I had stamped the needle sizes on some twill tape and I just didn't like the way it looked when I stitched it to the needle pouch so I ended up just folding them in half and stitching them into the seam. I like this solution much better than my first few attempts.

I really like the fact that even when working on a project I can stick unused needles in the pouch. Perhaps now I won't find them hidden in the couch!

Do you recognize the fabric Lera?


lera said...

Okay, so I'm looking at the ADORABLE knitting pouches thinking, "Did I send her that fabric? Or did she buy it on her own?" I still don't know the answer, but I certainly recognize it!!! I love those little pouches. Too bad I can't knit. (How many times do I say that in a day????)

And I can't help but laugh at your dizziness to the game. I would be joining you, sister, in that!!!! The older I get, the less I can handle. You know you're getting old when ... you can't handle kids video games. Geesh.

feli said...

I get sick playing 3D games too. hehehe...I get sick watching 3d movies too. I get motion sickness a a lot.

I love the DPN cases that you made. They are sooo cute!!

Bonnie D. said...

The dpn holders are adorable and SUCH a great idea! I might have to copy you!

Sarah and Jack said...

Gah. Two years ago I had the flu, and I felt EXACTLY the same way, except I was sewing when it hit. I hope it has passed for you already!

Anonymous said...

just thinking about swings makes me motion sick. i kid you not. i can't push my children on the swing. video games, the blue angel discovery show my kids just watched, films of roller coasters - you name it, i get motion sickness. barometric pressure changes - dizziness hits. oooh i feel your pain sista! i feel your pain. yuck!

oh - and thanks for the heads up on the dpns. i'm just starting some hats for my kids that call for those. i'll have to make a pouch for them.

Sonja said...

My FIL has motion sickness issues like that. He had to close his eyes to walk by a intertidal zones type tank at the Aquarium because looking at the waves in it made him sick.
I totally love your needle pouches! I'm keeping my DPNs in the plastic sleeve they came in. Glamorous.

atet said...

Love those pouches. I've been thinking of making myself a roll -- but I love your idea even more! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I've GOTTA try this. I still might make the roll to hold the pouches -- but this makes the roll design super easy (no flap needed to hold them in!).

Polka Dot Creations said...

I feel your pain. Motion sickness is my middle name. Every time my husband drives anywhere I feel sick - I have a hard time not being in control of a vehicle. I finally got smart and started carrying dramamine in my purse. Too bad I never think to take it until I'm already feeling really lousy...

Hope you're all better today!

Chara Michele said...

Those pouches look great! I have a roll that my needles fall out of all the time too... Although I don't knit very often, so I actually have more knitting needles that I ever use :)

Ben actually installed firefox for me on my computer while we were still dating & I did not want to change to it at all. (I really dislike any sort of change too.) Although I did start using it and now years later I actually like firefox better than ie... Just thought I would share:)

Funky Finds said...

hey karyn...i just wanted to pop in & say hello! :) jessica

Mary Sarah said...

I love the knitting needle pouches! What a great idea! 3D games? I don't think so. I hope you feel better soon!

Felicia said...

Those DPN holders are completely fabulous! I must try to make some because I can never find all the right sizes all together in one location.

And Firefox is way better than IE. But I might be partial because I can't spell :)

Katie Jean said...

oh man, that's a crazy story about the video games!

cute needle pouches too! I love that fabric!