Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A cheater pillow

I'm trying to clean up my sewing/craft room before I go on vacation (on Saturday) and have to go back to school (after Labour Day).

Buried beneath a pile of junk I found another pillowform. I quickly remembered that I had recently found a piece of fabric I had bought AGES ago at Joann's. It's a patchwork fabric. No, I did not have to sew all those teensy squares together, someone else did it for me!

I like the fabric that I used for the backing almost as much as the front. It's made of some recently thrifted fabric from Value Village.

Trust me, in real life it's not nearly as wonky as it looks in the photo.

Now I'm going back to keep cleaning. Who knows what else I'll end up making today.

Oh, and I'm creeping around as quietly as I can. Joe's having MAJOR computer issues at work. He finally came home from work about an hour ago. He had been there since 9:00 am YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!! That's about 27 hours straight. He's napping until 3:00 and then I have to wake him so he can go back. And get this...he's supposed to be on holidays this week. That's not happening!!


Dallas said...

The pillow looks great. I also really like the pillow in the background with all the tiny strips.

cici said...

i love it. both fabrics.

Felicia said...

Love the pillow!

Mary Sarah said...

THe pillow is so cute. I have to say, you make cleaning fun. Clean a little, sew a little... that sounds good to me. Poor Joe. That's not even fair!

Christy said...

That is so cute!

Did you know that Value Village is having a big sale September 2nd? Everything is 50% off.

lera said...

Cute, CUTE pillow!