Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

I've not had much luck AT ALL at Value Village of late. The few things recently that have tempted me have been way too expensive. Their sheets are now around $7.99 EACH and they have started to individually price their books (hardcover books used to be $3.99 each). The other day, I found an interesting sewing book and when I got to the cash I discovered it was $9.99. Forget that!

I was determined yesterday to find something and I wasn't disappointed.

I found these cute clothespins that I imagine hanging my cards/photos/whatever on to take photos for my blog (consider yourself warned).

I skimmed through the sheet section but none seemed to warrant the high price tags. Such a disappointment.

I headed over to the shoe section and I found these great (almost new) leather sandals for $4.99. A steal!

I have it in my mind that I need to fill our windowseat with cushions. This is NOT practical in any way with two cats and a huge dog who frequently wait in the window for us when we're out, but I'm still determined. I also don't feel like spending up to $10.00 per pillow form for this project so I took a quick peek in the pillow section and found an acceptable pillow to cover for $2.99.

I spent around $10.00 and left a happy camper. Could I be so lucky two days in a row??? We'll see.


Brenda said...

First time visiting your blog and I enjoy reading about your finds. I'm also a thrifer and love to sew.
Looks like you had a great time with Lera.

lera said...

That place is not "Value" Village! More like "Rip Off" Village! Those prices are insane! (Maybe because you're in Canada and everything is more expensive there?!?!?)

Felicia said...

Yep, those clothes pins are adorable :)

cici said...

that has become a pet peeve of mine - thrift stores and garage sales selling things as if they are ebay.

if you want ebay money, you must auction on ebay (and deal with the fees, the packaging, the shipping, the wierdo buyers).

phew - got that off my chest.