Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

I've been dropping in to Value Village a little more frequently lately. I often come out empty handed, but the last couple of visits have been slightly successful.

I've had pretty good luck in the fabric department lately. These pieces are all at least 3 yards long. My absolute favourite fabric is the floral one on the top of the heap. I've already made a pillow out of it.

I've also been visiting the shoe department. It has never been part of my regular Value Village routine but lately I've had some super luck there.

I love these simple black sandals. I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo but that leather is so soft and comfy!

And how cute are these?? It's too bad that the summer is almost over but I tend to wear sandals until the snow falls so I'm sure to get lots of wear out of them yet.

The beautiful yarn in the photo is all ready to be packed to take with me to the cottage. It came from Felicia for my birthday and I think it's time I turn it into a felted bag.


Sarah and Jack said...

I actually think frequency is one of the keys to thrifting success. If you only visit once in a blue moon, you are a lot less likely to find treasure. :-)

Mary Sarah said...

Great stuff! Love the fabrics and the shoes! I hope, hope, hope you and Joe are off to the cabin on Sat!

Jessica said...

You certainly hit the jack pot on that fabric. Today I finished a quilt out of thrifted fabric and I love it so much--the thrifted fabric was better than I could ever find in a store!

lera said...

Look at you, Ms. Thrifter! Lucky you!

david santos said...