Friday, August 08, 2008


While I was at Value Village yesterday I was looking at pillowcases. Maybe it's time to buy some more I thought, but I didn't see any that caught my eye.

When I came home to sew I realized that before I could do anything I'd have to clean my sewing room (since I couldn't move in there!). I'm folding and organizing all my fabric I kept finding pillowcases. Lots of them. Huh???? How could I have forgotten about SO MANY pillowcases!!!!

I took that photo before I even found them all. There are more.

So, then it dawned on me. I could actually use them as pillowcases!!!! So I pulled out a few that I could actually use on my bed. I washed them and stuffed them with pillows. And guess what? They look great! Brilliant.

Now, what to do with the others? I really think they would make great "green" shopping bags but I LIKE getting plastic bags when I shop. That's what I use for garbage bags.

Any ideas?


k@rol said...

I had the same dilemma,so I stopped bringing plastic bags home. Being aware of the harm that plastic plags do to our precious earth, I bought biodegradable plastic bags and the problem was solved.
I think is a really good idea to transform your pillowcases in "green" bags :)

Sandra said...

Pillowcase apron -
Pillowcase tote -
Laundry or toy bag (add drawstring)
"Sit upon" or large floor pillow
Cut it apart and use it for fabric yardage - this is my favorite use for pillowcases (apart from the original use, that is, lol) - I get them for a buck at the thrift stores, and each one gives me almost a metre of fabric :)

Sarah and Jack said...

This is of no use right now, but there is a vintage pillowcase book in the works somewhere.

There was that pillowcase challenge awhile back, maybe there is a flickr group? I think ohfranson was the winner?

Brenda said...

Here's an apron I plan on trying out.

Little Miss Flossy said...

Oh your post made me laugh... I have the same dilemma. My daughter was the one who started using them first - her bed looks like a wild tangled garden of pink and orange. I've grabbed all the blue-and-green ones and you're right - my bed looks brilliant!

lera said...

You do have a lot of pillowcases. I like the green ones with orange flowers.

Could you use pieces to make a quilt???? or duvet cover? That would be cool. I love me some totes, though. I never have enough.

Dallas said...

Have you seen this collection of ideas from the Handmade Vintage Pillowcase Challenge?

By the way, I got your cards in the mail this weekend - thank you so much. They're very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hoard those plastic bags, baby, they're on their way out. I'm the unpopular person in my family now, the one who stopped taking plastic bags in the market and now we don't have any. My kids and my husband don't appreciate the sacrifice, and I can live with that.

Felicia said...

Hot dog, glad you found so many awesome pillow cases. The suggests so far are groovy and I've no doubt you will come up with something completely fabulous :)

Felicia said...

Here's the info on that upcoming pillowcase book

cici said...

make a quilt, a nice comfy throw to curl up under in the winter.

whatever you do - don't make green grocery bags. unless you're going to a local farmers market and you actually have a need for them.