Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fabric Christmas Ornaments

I had some extra Gocco printed trees on fabric and I instantly knew what to do with them. Make Christmas ornaments!

They were simple and fun to make, I'm sure I'll be making more once I get some more Christmas fabric.

The other thing that's been happening is my car is dying a slow death. It's a 1997 Cavaliere and it owes me nothing. I'm just really bummed because I LOVE that car! Other than regular maintenance, I've never had to do anything to it! I would drive it forever if it would let me. I do NOT want to get into car payments again and I don't want to go through the stress of selecting a new vehicle for purchase, but it's time.

If you have any recommendations for me for an economical small car, I'm all ears!


vintage twist said...

No idea about small cars I drive a Volvo! But I love the Christmas decs.

Felicia said...

Love the ornaments! Sorry ol' faithful is giving up the ghost.

Crafty B said...

Cute Christmas ornaments! x

Polka Dot Creations said...

Great ornaments!

And car-wise, stick with what works! Chevy must still be making a small car model, aren't they? I love GM cars. I learned to drive on my parents' Chevrolet, bought a new Oldsmobile right after college, and replaced it 9 years (and 175K miles) later with a used Pontiac since Oldsmobile was no longer around. Now we have two Pontiacs (Grand Prix and Montana) and love them both.

Chara Michele said...

Oh those are great ornaments!

I drive a little Hyundai Accent that I like and have had for a few years. It gets great gas mileage which is always a plus:)

lera said...

Cute ornaments.

Your car is slightly younger than Taylor (1996).

Funky Finds said...

i want one of those ornaments! i want to do a all handmade ornament tree this year. that would be so awesome. all my funky finds on there. hee hee i am carrying my shroom bag today & have gotten so many compliments!

Tracy said...

Karyn, I can tell you NOT to buy a Kia. I did in 2003 and will regret it! I hear Toyotas are worth every penny and get great gas mileage. My hubby drives a '96 Camry and loves it.

Mary Sarah said...

Cute ornaments! New car? I know how you feel. Who wants car payments again? I drive a honda and really like it. My son drove a honda crv and finally gave it up when it hit 300,000. It was a great little car. Good luck!

Mika said...

Love the ornaments! And on the car..I have '96 Cavalier that I ADORE. We're selling it ONLY because we have too many kids to legally fit in the trunk (JOKE!). We had to get a minivan with the birth of our youngest, but that car is seriously awesome. I'll make ya a great deal! LOL! I don't know what Chevy did-but those cars are just great. I've had mine since '97 and have had ONE problem with it, the transmission a year ago. So I had it rebuilt and planned to keep driving it until the wheels fell off. I'm gushing...but they're great cars so I feel your pain! Oh and I have a Montana now like the other poster and I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a Hyundai Accent. My friends make fun of me but I get great mileage. Comsumer reports is liking Hyundai but I have a better personal trial.

I have an old friend who has a drug problem. He got married for a few years. His wife brought an Accent into the marriage. They never had money to change the oil or do other upkeep (money for drugs though). Someone busted out the back window and they did not replace it for a year.

I swear to you, that car never broke down. I figured that if I took care of a Hyundai it should last forever. Mine now has 10400 mile on it. She is still going strong!

Love the holiday ideas. It is just a little early for me to start thinking Christmas.

Good luck with your car search.


Anonymous said...

cute ornaments. cars? no clue.

Katie Jean said...

those look great! John drives a Jetta and he loves it!

Tracy said...

WOW--it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here! I'm just back from a two week to see what you've been up to! Sorry you're having car issues...We need a new one ourselves. Our Toyota Corolla has seen better days. We're thinking a Toyota Preus is that how it's spelled? I'm clueless about cars--LOL!) Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

Jenni-Raie said...

first of all, i love the decorations.

I have some small-car recommendations, too.

My mom drives a smart car. you can't get much smaller, and they pay for themselves after a few years b/c of the fuel economy they get. they're SUPER safe (designed as a role-cage) and they're actually quite spacious.

I have a Suzuki SX4 (, which is marketed as "canada's smallest SUV" but is actually quite small. here is a photo of me loving it: and it's blue.. beautiful beautiful OCEAN MIST BLUE. i get really good fuel economy, and it's made in Japan which makes me feel good.

the toyota yaris ( is very small and GREAT on gas too. i didn't like it because the dashboard reader thing is in the middle. but i test drove it in the snow and it was FABULOUS. it was quite comfortable too, but not a lot of trunk space. that's what sold me on my SX4- not many cars in that class (5 door, small) have much space in the trunk.

i also test drove the It was the least expensive of all the vehicles i looked at, but the most uncomfortable. it also didn't have much trunk space. it's the same vehicle as the Suzuki Swift, but cheaper.

Others to consider that i didn't like were:

sammyjo said...

i like the ornaments and my sorry to hear about the car.

Sarah Stanley said...

Aunt Liz recently bought a new, small, diseal car, you could talk to her about it.

Love the decorations. We don't celebrate Christmas in Nepal, so I'm going scubba diving in Thailand instead.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea for fabric scraps!
My grandmother gave me her 1993 Buick. It's very dependable, looks and runs great. Grandmother made me promise to have oil changed and tires rotated every 3,000 miles.
Any car you choose to buy, will last a long time with regular maintenance.
Now I sound like my granny!

atet said...

My husband's '98 cavelier is hanging on by a thread. Just need to get mine paid off first!