Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some days you just have to admit defeat

Well, with Joe gone geocaching for the day I had every intent to spend a quiet day being crafty.

I had an idea for more Gocco Christmas cards that I thought would be amazing. sure wasn't. I spent a good chunk of my day yesterday drawing the tree (yes, it took me almost an entire day to draw THAT!) and finally had a tree I liked.

I thought it would be fun to combine stitching fabric and Gocco on the same card, and I'm sure with a different design it would be a great idea, but NOT with this one!!!

I'm embarassed by it. In fact, I can't even believe I'm blogging about it.

Anyways, after a LONG consultation with my very crafty Mother over the phone analyzing the card, she suggested turning it into a gift tag. I completely agreed with her that there was NO other way to save this mess.'s the first version of the tree gift tag.

I do not like the button, it's "out". It still needs something, but it's far far better than the card/fabric version!

So that's the extent of the crafting I got done today, and quite honestly, I don't even want to go back into my sewing room until I get over the tree disaster.

So, what did I do for the rest of the day?? Cooked and baked of course. It's a beautiful fall day, nice and cool and after being sick this week I felt like doing some cooking and baking.

I made chocolate chip pumpkin muffins (with nuts, of course), an apple pie, a quiche and beef enchilladas (not photographed). Joe better be hungry when he gets home from hiking!

The muffins...

The quiche and if you look very carefully, the pie is in the top of the photo. The picture of the pie alone didn't turn out.

I'm off to take some muffins to the neighbour's. I hope you're all having a better weekend than I am crafty-wise!


Jada2929 said...

Yum.I'm hungry now!
How about ric-rac along the bottom edge of the card?

Sonja said...

I like the gift tag A LOT. The button might be too chunky - perhaps you can try a tiny gold foil star (the kind they use in confetti).
Don't be discouraged!

lera said...

Wow, girl! You've been busy designing, Gocco-ing, baking! I'm very impressed.

Pieces said...

Thanks for sharing the failed attempt--it is great to see other creations in process. I love the tree! And I agree that the button isn't quite right. I bet the tree looks lovely just by itself.

Anonymous said...

my! you've been busy! i like the gift tags. i like the trees just plain - no button.

debbieh said...

I've had days just like yours!

But I love the tree - very pretty design. Maybe a star for the top or a small ribbon bow?

Looks like some delicious goodies came from the kitchen.

Out of curiousity -- I don't know anything about the Gocco machine. How do you get your drawing ready for print?

Artsy Momma said...

We all have an "off" crafty day. I am glad you posted about it! Plus it is so much sweeter when you have an on crafting day!

(Tree btw looks great!)

Mary Sarah said...

Well, I really like the tree and I think the gift tags are great too! All that baking ... man, you're good! Everything looks so good!

Christy said...

Thanks for posting about your defeat. Nice to know we're all susceptible to those "off" crafting days.

I think the tree itself is wonderful. I like Sonja's idea of a foil star on top.

Felicia said...

When crafting goes bad, ugh, it can be so frustrating. Glad you could make something from the disaster. The tags do look very pretty. How about a sequins at the top of the tree?

Chara Michele said...

Yummy fall baking:)