Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New book, new tote and a bit about my new camera

I hope you have realized by now that I'm very easily influenced by other people's recommendations. If someone recommends a book, a movie, a fabric, a Gocco machine, whatever, I almost always look into purchasing it it.

I had read on several blogs about the book Craft Inc. and I eventually broke down and ordered it.

I've yet to peek through it, I plan to do so tonight. I'll try to remember to post about it at a later date.

When I got home from work today I HAD to make a tote. They are so therapeutic for me to make. I had purchased a beautiful linen tablecloth at Value Village not long ago and it was just screaming "make me into a tote NOW!!!". I had to listen.

Honestly, I thought it was big enough to squeeze two totes out of, but it wasn't. I think I'll make a zippered pouch or two out of the leftover scraps.

Lastly, these photos were taken with my new camera. Can I just say I'm loving it??? There is ZERO, I mean NO shutter lag AT ALL!!!! I click the button and "poof" the photo is taken. I think the lag on my other camera was at least two seconds. Secondly, I'm loving the 10X optical zoom (the other camera only had 3X). I had hoped to do a bit of reading about it today and learn a bit more, but that didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow.


Crafty B said...

Loving the new tote you busy lady!
When I get home from work I'm so knackered it's a cup of tea (and one of my chocolates!) :)

lera said...

Cute tote. I don't think I realized the linen was floral.

You are the crafty goddess.

(And, wait, no shutter delay? Where can I get one?!?!??!)

Felicia said...

Its beautiful Karyn. And I think that new camera has made quite a difference. Try taking a picture of something with both cameras and we'll do a side by side comparison. I'm so glad you're loving your new toy :)

Cici said...

cute tote, as always. love those no shutter delay cameras - I have the original canon - LOVE.IT. - and I say again. LOVE IT.

tell us about the book when you can. i'm way too influenced over pretty pictures and nice reviews on other peoples blogs, too.

feli said...

I bought the Book 3 weeks ago too! I am reading it half way. What do you think?

I love your new camera. Your pictures are fantastic!!

Mary Sarah said...

Your new tote is gorgeous! Can't wait to hear more about the new book. I do the same thing. When I hear about something from someone else, I'm on it! Cool Camera too!

Strawberry Cat said...

That is absolutely beautitful! I love it!

Polka Dot Creations said...

I'm hearing so many great things about that book - I definitely need to stock it in my store!

Tsoniki said...

I am easily influenced too and I think just seeing another person buy it has pushed me over the edge.

I SO need a camera with no lag!! My old one was horrible that way, my new one isn't too much better. :(

We've been painting and putting rooms back together - I NEED to sew or bead or just be creative. It's almost driving me crazy, almost.

Chara Michele said...

That tote is lovely!

I keep meaning to buy that book... You have to let me know if it is any good. Ha, I guess I am easily influenced too:) (Oh wait, I haven't given in yet and bought a gocco, although that might have more to do with the cost than the wanting it:).

beki said...

I have that book. I'm in the process of reading it right now. I hate to admit it, but it's kind of scaring me!