Friday, November 30, 2007

Bath Bombs

I've wanted to make bath bombs for a while now. After reading as much as I could and making notes about them, I set out after school on Wednesday to gather the necessary supplies, baking soda (easy), cornstarch (easy), oil (I already had), colouring (easy), essential oil for scent (easy), citric acid (NOT so easy!).

I went to the health food store first and bought an itsy bitsy jar for around $7.00. That was enough to make one recipe. Then I went to the Bulk Barn and bought the same size (itsy bitsy) jar for $4.50.

As I was driving home I was completely discouraged bacause I realized this was not going to be the cheap and fun project I was hoping for. I really wanted to find an affordable little gift to give to people that I wouldn't normally buy gifts for.

I came home and made a batch. Everywhere I read stressed NOT to add too much water so I was very very skimpy when adding it. My first few attempts to mold the bombs failed because there just wasn't enough liquid in the mix. Once I got the mix "right", things seemed to me moving along quite well.

It became apparent as they were drying that cracks were forming. I went back to the Internet and realized it was because I didn't pack the molds tight enough. Lesson learned.

The batch I made yielded three bombs and a mini-bomb. I used the mini bomb yesterday morning and Joe used one last night. We both loved them!

I didn't really follow one particular recipe, I took bits and pieces from many different ones. If you "Google" "bath bomb tutorial" you will get a million hits. Most recipes are the same, you just need to decide which one you're going to follow.

On a positive note, I found a place online that sells 2 KILOGRAMS of citric acid for $11.00. I've ordered some, along with some different fragrances to make more bombs for gifts.


lera said...

So pretty. What a great gift idea.

I know that citric acid is hard to find! What a pain!

Glad you found a source, though.

Felicia said...

I love hearing about your new crafty endeavor. And I was wondering what the ingredients were for bath bombs :)

Sonja said...

I'm totally in awe of you. I have the same tendency to try new things, but I lack the follow-through, so my garage is filled with half-finished DOA craft projects... *sigh*
What fragrance did you use for these bombs?

Tracy said...

Love these...Fun to see your crafty horizons expanding! Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Mary Sarah said...

I think it a great idea. I've never tried to make anything like that. I'll be anxious to hear how your next batch turns out. Good luck!

feli said...

Wow you are expending your skills!! They look so yummy.

Anonymous said...

Wow Karyn that is such a great little project. You must be looking for some new project ideas to fill your time, I have a great one that I'm sure you would enjoy and would probably make a great gift for someone close to you. Check out this link to find out all about it.

amandajean said...

that is a great gift idea!

Christy said...

They're so pretty! This is a wonderful stocking stuffer idea. I've got to make some favors for a Christmas luncheon and these would be great. Better start searching for that citric acid!