Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My very talented Mother

Every few months my Mother, DianNe, and her friend Carol pass through town on their way to and from cross-border shopping in the States. It has become a bit of a ritual that I meet them on their way back home.

My Mother signed up for a free-motion quilting class about a month ago. I had taken a similar class several years ago and I found it VERY hard. I had warned her before she went that it was going to be a nightmare. Well it wasn't. Apparently she picked it up very quickly and asked me "what the big deal" was.

She is going away to a quilting retreat this weekend and they have to make a quilted pouch and fill it with toiletries to be donated to a women's shelter (or something).

I was the VERY lucky recipient of one of her practice pouches. I love the shape and I'm especially in love with the GREAT free-motion quilting! I'm completely in awe of her talent.

It's hard to see, but the quilting IS amazing.

Thanks Mom!!!!

If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas to make, please check out the great cell phone pouch tutorial which is today's feature project for the "Last Minute Gift Countdown". I think that this would also make a super little camera case and I may have to make one or two of them myself!


lera said...

What a talented mom you have. (Great work DianNe!) The pouch has a very interesting shape ... in a good way.

btw, congrats: 72

Felicia said...

Your mom is the bomb! But how could she not be with a talented daughter like you? That is one pretty bag. You can tell her for me I think she is awesome. :)

randi---i have to say said...

I wish I could get the hang of free motion quilting. I have a quilt just waiting to be finished---I started it last year!---and I am just procrastinating. If I knew of a class nearby I would certainly take it because I love the look!

Mary Sarah said...

The pouch is great ... love the shape/design of it. Very clever! I tried machine quilting on my own. I need help!

Chara Michele said...

Wow that quilting does look amazing! You do have a very talented mother! I think talent runs in your family:)