Saturday, November 24, 2007

I truly hate surprises

Yesterday afternoon I got a very cryptic e-mail from Joe saying you've got plans today from 6:00 on. Of course I replied asking him "what" and of course I couldn't get an answer out of him.

He came home with an envelope which I knew had tickets to SOMETHING in it. I had it in my hand and asked him if I could open it. When I flipped it over, it was SEALED with the words "do NOT open" written on it. Figures.

So, I had a bit of time on my hands and I wanted to make a new purse anyways, so I made this to go with this.

It's completely inspired by a bag I saw SOMEWHERE. I'm not sure if it was on Flickr or Etsy or on another blog. If I find the link to it in my travels, I'll be sure to link back to it.

Anyways, back to my story...

I grabbed the envelope and stuck it in my new purse. We were on a bit of a time schedule and had to stop for Wendy's on our way to wherever it was we were going. Joe told me I could open the envelope after we eat. After quickly scarfing my spicey chicken sandwich I asked if I could open the envelope. "Yes". Finally!! So...I rip into it and there's a folded piece of paper which reads.."I told you not to open it". GRRR!!!!!

After much whining and telling him that "this isn't funny anymore" we got back in the car.

I was driving and he navigated to what appeared to be an old school in a residential area. I was getting less and less happy. The sign out front said "Niagara Performing Arts Centre" (I think). Still no clue.

I parked (not so well) and he FINALLY gave me the REAL envelope. He had his camera poised, so I knew this was going to be good. It was. He had managed to get tickets to see Brent Butt from Corner Gas which happens to be my absolute favourite television show EVER!

I was beyond excited. I'm really NOT a fan of stand-up comedy but I was so looking forward to seeing Brent perform. He was the third of three comedians in the line-up and BY FAR the funniest!!! There were some peeing-in-the-pants funny moments (I didn't, of course).

I will say this. When he walked out on stage I was slightly star-struck. It was a little weird seeing him right in front of me (we were 8th row, by the way).

So, this morning we are going to have breakfast with a bunch of friends and I'm sure this story will be told with "his" and "hers" versions. Joe will brag about how funny it was to "trick" me, I'm sure.

Have a super weekend! I hope to get some more sewing time in tomorrow.


lera said...

Blogger ate my comment. Let's try it again:

What a nice surprise! Did Joe get the tickets from the radio station or has he been planning this for a long time? They were such good seats, he must have connections.

Oh, I love your bag, by the way. Is it corduroy?

Dallas said...

Cute bag. The corduroy looks so soft. And great surprise.

Anonymous said...

I love that little bag. It does look so scrumptiously soft (don't ya just love alliteration?). The envelope trick is great.

Tracy said...

That is so much fun! That Joe's a keeper ;o) And you bag is fab! Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Felicia said...

Love the new bag Karyn. The corduroy gives it quite a lot of pretty texture. And I love the flowery interior.

Feel free to beat Joe with a wet noodle for me! :)

Mary Sarah said...

What a great surprise! Joe sounds like a hoot. Great bag, BTW!

beki said...

That sounds like fun, Karyn!
Love your new bag ;-)

Jenni-Raie said...

WOW that's a great surprise!! worth all the anxiety and rushiness, right? And... can't go wrong with a spicy chicken!

atet said...

I'm with you in the hate suprises mode (at least that kind) -- but, if you're going to have one, that one was pretty great! Love the new bag, it looks like fun!