Sunday, March 09, 2008

digging out

Well, the sun is finally shining after 36 hours of constant snow fall. I was out very early this morning shovelling the sidewalk again and I ran into some very nice (and funny) neighbours across the street who probably think I'm nutso for shovelling snow with a camera around my neck.

It might be hard to tell, but there is sooooooooooo much snow on our roof!

There's no place to put the it!

And I don't think I'll be going anywhere for a while. That's my poor little car trapped and Joe's truck is behind it. (We put our windshield wipers up so they didn't freeze to the windshild)

This just I'm typing this post the plow came to do the parking lot across the street. That is so much snow!!

It's a good thing that I have enough soap-making and fabric to keep me occupied until June. I won't be going anywhere for then next day or two!!


lera said...

Glad it's you and not me!

Hey! Where's the photo of you shoveling in your PJs??? Should *I* post it? :-)

Felicia said...

LOL! Yes, thank goodness for all those soap making supplies :) I can't believe all the snow that has fallen up there. And I never would have thought of that windshield wiper trick!

Sonja said...

Well, umm. We're about to sit outside to enjoy the sunshine and the first BBQ of the season. No snow involved, but flip flops and short sleeves.

Janice said...

The weather is just crazy. In Alberta we are in shorts and t-shirts and having a bbq this afternoon!!!

randi said...

Now that is some snow! Have fun with your craft projects!

PS--We did our first geocache this weekend and it was a lot of fun. I will probably post about it on Tuesday.

Mary Sarah said...

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen that much snow at one time! Does the town close down? How does everyone get around?

Feli said...

Wow... look at that snow. Can I come visit? its getting too hot here. :*)

Regina said...