Wednesday, March 05, 2008


On the weekend, we went out geocaching and for dinner with some friends. We ended up at Bridal Veil Falls (Niagara Falls little sister) to do a geocache.

From the falls we had a great view of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

And Niagara Falls, NY.

The building with the funky coloured lights on it is the casino. That's where we went for dinner. We had a few minutes to kill before our reservation, so Joe and I both stuck $20 into a slot machine. I won $200 and Joe won $25. That sure was fun!!!


Randi said...

Lucky you! Maybe you can take a trip to the fabric store with the winnings?

My hubs was talking with a friend the other day and he learned about geocaching. He is very interested in it and we are going to try it as soon as our weather allows us (it is snowing today and through the weekend). I will post about it (of course) when we do it!

beki said...

You lucky duck!

Mary Sarah said...

Way to go! Fun money is the most fun! Great pictures, but it sure looks cold!

lera said...

Love that top photo!

You guys were pretty lucky that day. Huh?

Felicia said...

Don't spend it all in one place. On the other hand, that might go pretty far buying soap makings supplies!

Beautiful pictures. Are they using the new lens?

atet said...

The falls are spectacular aren't they? What a great weekend it sounds like you had! Happy b-day to both of you!

Chara Michele said...

Woohoo for winning!

That first photo looks so very cold! (But pretty too :)

cici said...

wow! what a beautiful picture!